Sunday, July 29, 2007


Doing my best to stay aware of the current events, I came across this article in the Seattle Times today. I don't know how to react to it. In a way it is just the modern form of a cemetery, a place to remember the dead. It keeps people connected to those who died before they should have, maybe even helps create some closure. But I can't also help but wonder if it keeps us stuck in the past. Constantly remembering the person who died and what they are missing out on and what we are missing out on is not exactly that healthy. We can still live our lives, have fun and without that constant reminder that someone isn't with us. It is what you are supposed to do isn't it?
While I, like a lot of people (obviously), have some fascination with death, but is this too extreme? But then again it is other people's deaths, strangers, that I are sometimes more fascinating because once death hits close to home it isn't as interesting. It is devastating and hard to deal with and I don't think that I would want my friend, family member's death to always be there, always out there, reminding me that they are no longer around.

So, if I do die and still have my facebook and myspace accounts, delete them, remove them from the Internet. If you want to stay connected to me you'll figure out a less public way to do so.

*apologies for the morbid topic, just something that caught my eye

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I just want to dance

This is an e-mail I sent The Seattlest in hopes that my plight makes to the masses:

Hey Seattlest,
This isn't a gripe about you, but I wanted to get my frustration out to the appropriate masses and you are one of my favorite forms of media. So if you could help get this out it would be awesome.

The moment I heard that Girl Talk was going to be at the Capitol Hill Block party I was exstatic. Overjoyed. Excited. And any other similar adjective. Having listen to his Night Ripper CD on repeat for days on end, to actually go to one of his shows was supposed to be awesome. But little did I know that I had to in line for Neumo's at least over three hours before his show started because if I didn't (as I later found out) I was not going to be able to get into the venue. So my friends and I enjoyed the atmosphere of the Block Party, which while a little overcrowded with pissed off hipsters, but that was still fine. Having lived on the Hill for four years I knew what I was getting into. We rocked out to Blue Scholars and Silversun Pickups. Ate free Popsicles and drank the free water Oasis was handing out. Chatted with the friendly people around us in the beer garden. Then after having a quick bite at the Pita Pit, we go back into the show with an hour and 15 mins. to spare before the whole reason of going to Block Party was to hit the stage. But to our horror, Neumo's had already reached capacity, they were having to send people out of the venue and the line of people that were for sure not going to get in, began with myself and a friend. Disappointed, to say the least we stayed in line dealing with the pushy girls behind us, the obscenely rude security guards, and all the while being able to see Mr. Girl Talk Himself, Gregg Gillis sit and drink his beer in the VIP area. Not wanting to draw attention to "our find" my friend and I just stared knowing that this was all of the show that we were going to see last night. After decided that it was a useless cause at this point and longing to meet our friends for drinks we left as Gregg was leaving to take the stage.

I am not letting this run my night, because otherwise it was good and fun. But it was frustrating because why didn't the event planners have him outside, where there was more space for everyone to see, move about and enjoy the show? Why even have the Neumo's stage actually set up? It is such a tiny venue to begin with that for a festival it is ridiculous to assume that it would be a good place bands to perform. Let this just be a forewarning for either tonight or for future block parties, but if you want to see anyone at that stage you need to get there early and stay there otherwise there is not chance of it happening.