Sunday, July 29, 2007


Doing my best to stay aware of the current events, I came across this article in the Seattle Times today. I don't know how to react to it. In a way it is just the modern form of a cemetery, a place to remember the dead. It keeps people connected to those who died before they should have, maybe even helps create some closure. But I can't also help but wonder if it keeps us stuck in the past. Constantly remembering the person who died and what they are missing out on and what we are missing out on is not exactly that healthy. We can still live our lives, have fun and without that constant reminder that someone isn't with us. It is what you are supposed to do isn't it?
While I, like a lot of people (obviously), have some fascination with death, but is this too extreme? But then again it is other people's deaths, strangers, that I are sometimes more fascinating because once death hits close to home it isn't as interesting. It is devastating and hard to deal with and I don't think that I would want my friend, family member's death to always be there, always out there, reminding me that they are no longer around.

So, if I do die and still have my facebook and myspace accounts, delete them, remove them from the Internet. If you want to stay connected to me you'll figure out a less public way to do so.

*apologies for the morbid topic, just something that caught my eye

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robyn grace said...

Jay and I have talked about this before. If I die prematurely, I want my Facebook account deleted and I don't want to be RIP'ed in any AIM profiles.