Monday, July 28, 2008

Girl Talk Video

Paul is the one in the white shirt, yellow backpack -spends most of his time on the left hand side. John, the BFF, is in black shirt bandana, shades. And Tiffany- the GF, i believe is in a blue dress and sticks pretty close to Paul

Capitol Hill - We Love It!

Friday was Capitol Hill Block Party 2008 and man, was it fun. Much better than last year. Started off with a half-day at worked followed by wonderful happy hour drinks with friends, a crazycherry stop and then the show.

We got there with perfect time to see U.S.E. But gotta say, was a little disappointed that the set was so short and they only played one old song. Is it too hard to ask for a little "Emerald City" or even some "Vamos ala Playa"? Oh well, let's just hope this means that a new album with FINALLY come out.

In between sets of bands we wanted to see there was lots of drinking and a sign caught our attention $2 jello shots and $2 PBR. Perfect, we thought. Not so much. Probably the worst idea ever -since the bar thought that blending cucumber and alcohol was a good idea. So not only did is just taste gross, the texture was disgusting. PBR never tasted so good after that.

We also got to see Vampire Weekend, who were awesome. They played their entire album and the crowd was into them as well - which always makes a show better. Though since it was the end of the night we were all pretty tired, hungry and a little cranky, so anyone who tried to push past got elbowed (a lot).

Though the BEST part of the Block Party was getting to experience Girl Talk. Oh man - what a fun and great experience. It was a huge dance party, something that I have not done in a while and I definitely needed it. I can even block out the bitches next to us who kept trying to get in front of us and the cute boy - who turned out to be jack ass and tried to push in front of us. However, I won't forget how JEALOUS I am of my friend Paul who got to dance on stage during the show. But I think I was also excited to see that he was back in town.

However, the best moment of the night goes to running into two old friends who I have not seen in a year and were literally talking about them earlier in the day. While we didn't get to talk for too long, it was so great to see them again and to reconnect.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Holy Red Snapper Batman, they're throwing fish at us!

First off, I really wish that I could remember more witty lines from the OG Batman, but alas besides "Pow" and "Bam" that is the only one that I can ever recall. But that is besides the point. Last night I went and saw The Dark Knight and wow- it was amazing. Its that type of good that when trying to describe it, I can only think of positive adjectives and nothing too specific about way it was so amazing. There was wit and action and drama. And Heath Ledger's performance lived up to the hype. The awesome quote from Marc Fennell (as pointed out to me by the Riz) on Rotten Tomatoes describes it perfectly, "Oh, and if skin-crawling performances, complex storytelling, and profound ideas don't do it for you…did I mention that the film is completely badass?"

Also, seeing Christian Bale 6 stories high was not bad either. It just reminded me of the day that I first saw him, at the Foothill Cinemas Theatre on a rainy day in second grade. My mom and brother went to see Rock-a-Doodle (which later became a question in Beyond Balderdash that no one got really right) and my dad and I saw this. Enjoy!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Round Two: Equilibrium vs. Say Anything...

So after about a month between films, since my counterpart was on a perpetual vacation, our movie watching was back on. We watched "Equilibrium" like three weeks back or something and at the time I had more insight on the film and I should have just wrote about it then. But I had wanted to wait until we watched my film choice.

I liked Equilibrium, its hard not to like anything Christian Bale is in (even when he is a Nazi youth, you still can't help but lust). Plus Taye Diggs is a hottie. I obviously paid attention to the important parts of the film ;) While I never read 1984 or Brave New World, the parallels weren't lost on me. Though I was also thinking about how it also seemed to have undertones of how over medicated America was/is when it comes to dealing with mental health issues. But I could be reading way too much into it and I am too lazy to do actual research to figure out if this is an actual theory. Also, it wasn't so much that they didn't have emotion but rather it was compassion or other similar feelings right? Because there was obviously feelings of anger and vindication.

I'd give it a 3 out 5 ... probably only really watch it again because it is Christian Bale

"Say Anything ..." there is a lot that I could say about this film and after watching it again, for what has been probably years since I last saw it I came to realize that this movie shaped more of my perspective on life than I thought. I first saw it right after I had graduated high school, was going to move to Seattle and it just seemed like perfect timing. It doesn't even bother me that Lloyd basically revolves his life around her - and coming from a commitment-phobe like myself - that is saying a lot.

Plus it has such quintessential lines like "I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen" and "I'm Lloyd Dobler." For me, its the type of movie that makes me smile most of the way through, no matter how many times I watch it.