Wednesday, January 28, 2009


No wonder the spirit of the '60s was celebrated in The Fifth Dimension's "Aquarius." Aquarians are notorious nonconformists who thrive on philosophical pursuits and knowledge for the sheer joy of it. You reject a traditional love relationship because of the threat commitment represents to your intellectual freedom. You want people to trust and respect you, but when all is said and done, more is said than done. Observers marvel at your ability to wax metaphysical and articulate yourself in abstractions and lofty theories, but some dismiss it as pie-in-the-sky idealism. You could enhance your credibility if you'd shake that body of yours.

If you seek a reputation as something more than a latter-day hippie (I'm talking about your disposition and outlook, not your clothes), give physical expression to your will to improve the world. You're not inclined to take on more responsibilities than you can handle, again, because you want to remain free to think and grow. You may vacillate on important issues of the day without hypocrisy as your thinking evolves. You shun scheduled activities whenever possible, because you like to keep your options open across the board.

The same is true of your relationships. You would rather have friends than lovers because of the lesser commitment and lower maintenance. Although you're not bound by the morality of your grandparents, you take romance very seriously. You don't enter into romantic relationships lightly because you know how ruinous the wrong one can be. Still, you shouldn't reject as a potential lover a good friend who wants to grow together and separately the same ways you do — and who shares your insatiable appetites.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 24th Birthday!

It is official, I am 24 years old. So far things have been good - and I just have a feeling that it will be a great year.
Biggest thanks to the following for making me feel loved and appreciated:
  • Rubi: for helping me start building my "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" collection, for holding my hair back and listening to me cry
  • Victor: For taking good care of me before Rubi came home, buying me dinner and picking up my car in the morning
  • Jason: My birthday haiku, making sure my sash stayed on and not making me cry
  • Maegan: For my new NY books, having birthday breakfast, and getting me McDonald's
  • Leslie: For risking life and limb to drive up yet again to Seattle, my new glasses and my Paula Deen Marinade
  • Robyn: for the post-hangover chat, wall posting and overall excitement on my part to visit soon
  • Ashley: For the early e-mail and the fabulous new music
  • Megan and Wes: for overcoming a hangover and celebrating for a little bit and for being the lone co-worker
  • Paul, John (and crew), Shametrice, Nick B., Melissa, Jackie (and her mom): for helping me celebrate and making sure that I got severely drunk :)
  • Ivan and Jimmy: for my brand new pair of chucks
  • Grace: for a beautifully wrapped gift certificate
  • Paul: for an awesome sweater
  • Dave, Jeff and Andy: for stuffing themselves at sushi
  • Margaret: For my first official Birthday wish
  • Monica, Phoebe, Jay, Jill, Mike Lukenbill, Gina, Luis, Ben, Canda (on myspace) for my facebook wishes
  • My family for the various calls and e-mails during the day
  • The two birthday songs from my jazzersisters

And if I forgot you I am sorry - You all mean the world to me and made my birthday very special

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History in the making

It is no secret that I get my boisterousness and opinions from my father. In fact, while my whole family is democrats, I always think of my father when it comes to politics and the side I choose. It is because of my father that I feel such a strong connection to the Kennedys. True, most Irish-Catholic households in America feel a strong connection to them as well, but I would say its not as prevalent today as it was 40 years ago.

I have heard my father speak passionately about many things, but to hear him talk about JFK and RFK there is this incredible sense of emotion and pride in his voice. I have only one memory of my dad crying - but when he told me about when RFK was shot and how my dad was supposed to be there that night- he got choked up. This is why I have a soft spot for all things Kennedy and for why I was the only person silent as we passed by the Eternal Flame in Arlington in eighth grade and this is why I feel a strong connection to Barack Obama.

My dad has been talking about Obama for years. After he spoke at the DNC, my dad (and Oprah) knew he would make a phenomenal president. It didn't hurt that Obama went to Occidental like my dad and was from Illinois, like my dad. But there was that same passion, same emotion in my dad's voice when he talked about Obama that he as with the Kennedys.

And that is why I get charmed by Obama's charisma, believe that change in this country will happen and why I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as he was sworn into office.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I can't believe this

The Seattle P-I is being put up for sale. Now, I know that print journalism is slowly and unfortunately becoming archaic, but it still just breaks my heart a bit to see it go like this. True, there is the Seattle Times, but I am just not a fan of it. There is something about the P-I, perhaps the ties to SU and all the people I know who have interned or worked there, that makes me choose it over the Times.

I suppose the silver lining of this all is that it if it does not get bought that it could continue as an online only paper -- which would still make me happy. This is yet, just another reason that makes me question the career path that I chose. While, journalism isn't dead by any means - and really its not as though it will ever leave- it is just changing in a way that I don't know if I am prepared for. Its no secret that my time in college I was taught mostly old school journalism and by the time any digial media classes were offered, I neither had the space nor time to take them.

Perhaps some of my sadnesses of the sale is linked to what it means in the greater world of print media in general. But nevertheless it is yet just another reason why my love for this city is slowly but surely coming to an end.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Mexico Style

Well, I think that I have found my new tradition of Christmas in a sunny, warm beachy area. Mexico was AMAZING! It could basically be summed up into: eating, drinking, sun and beaches. It is easier to break it down into list form:
  • Having a guaranteed spot in the front due to car sickness
  • Not really killing each other after a week with 6 other people (The Real World, Sayulita)
  • "That's what she said"
  • Marathoning 'How I Met Your Mother"
  • "Have you met ..." and all other HIMYM references
  • Being loud and annoying in public places like airplanes and shuttles
  • New Mix
  • Drinking on the streets
  • The "Yes/No" game
  • Coca Light
  • Starting a gang
  • The great exchange rate
  • Ice Cream and choco bananas
  • Watching baby sea turtles that just hatched
  • Being on Mexican news
  • Watching fireworks up close and unsafely personal
  • Not wanting to come back to the cold and rain