Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 24th Birthday!

It is official, I am 24 years old. So far things have been good - and I just have a feeling that it will be a great year.
Biggest thanks to the following for making me feel loved and appreciated:
  • Rubi: for helping me start building my "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" collection, for holding my hair back and listening to me cry
  • Victor: For taking good care of me before Rubi came home, buying me dinner and picking up my car in the morning
  • Jason: My birthday haiku, making sure my sash stayed on and not making me cry
  • Maegan: For my new NY books, having birthday breakfast, and getting me McDonald's
  • Leslie: For risking life and limb to drive up yet again to Seattle, my new glasses and my Paula Deen Marinade
  • Robyn: for the post-hangover chat, wall posting and overall excitement on my part to visit soon
  • Ashley: For the early e-mail and the fabulous new music
  • Megan and Wes: for overcoming a hangover and celebrating for a little bit and for being the lone co-worker
  • Paul, John (and crew), Shametrice, Nick B., Melissa, Jackie (and her mom): for helping me celebrate and making sure that I got severely drunk :)
  • Ivan and Jimmy: for my brand new pair of chucks
  • Grace: for a beautifully wrapped gift certificate
  • Paul: for an awesome sweater
  • Dave, Jeff and Andy: for stuffing themselves at sushi
  • Margaret: For my first official Birthday wish
  • Monica, Phoebe, Jay, Jill, Mike Lukenbill, Gina, Luis, Ben, Canda (on myspace) for my facebook wishes
  • My family for the various calls and e-mails during the day
  • The two birthday songs from my jazzersisters

And if I forgot you I am sorry - You all mean the world to me and made my birthday very special

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