Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My New Favorite Thing

I never upload the latest version of itunes because as soon as I do, two weeks later another update comes along and I need to upgrade again. So I make a rule to only do it on either days, when I have nothing better to do and don't mind my comp or it becomes an absolute necessity (like I can't download a free episode because I need to stupid upgrade).

So over the weekend that is what I did, a process that started on Friday night ... maybe even Thursday night, ended on Sunday evening with the greatest thing ever: The Genius Sidebar.

Now, I know that there are naysayers out there (there always are) and talks of blatant advertisement, getting you to buy more songs, yada yada. But the reason I love it is that it creates mixes around whatever song that you pick from your library, and they are pretty good mixes at that.

Now, you all know my love for a good mix, which I believe started in middle school with my friend Irice and I who, recorded all the versions of "My Heart Will Go" by Celion Dion. And yes, there were multiple versions, each with different dialogue ("I'll never let go Jack")from Titanic playing over the instrumental breakdown in part of the song. And my love has grown over the years for creating a good mix cd (alas I no longer use tapes). If you have been fortunate enough, you have received a mix from me at some point in your life (or if you are the Riz, at about every significant holiday or event for the last 5 years or so).

And yes, I'll be the first to admit, not all of my mixes will stand the test of time, but some of them aren't meant to. Some are meant to be reminiscent, some are meant to dance to do and some are meant to introduce the listen to new music/artists (which in this instance it is okay to have the same artist more than once).

So while I'll never give up my love for making mixes for my friends and family, it is nice to know that when I need a quick work out mix or a mopey mix I can can use the Sidebar and BAM! insta-mix.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rest in Peace

Just taking a moment for my birthday buddy:

Monday, September 22, 2008

My love for an award ceramony

Last night was the Emmys and it was the first time in the last few years that I actually sat down and watched the awards. Out of all the award ceremonies that there are, the Emmys rank just above the Grammys for me. But last night I even watched the the red carpet pre-show on E! - which is always fun because I get to judge people on their looks (so shallow). And actually this year there weren't hideous choices, which was surprising. Though apparently the mermaid silhouette is in - which I am not a huge fan of - but I suppose that is neither here nor there.

The show itself, basically sucked though. I HATED the idea of the five hosts and they took up so much time on absolute stupidity that by the end of the awards everyone had to rush through their awards and those were the important ones. Was it just me, or did it seem like TV movie/miniseries got too much of the award show time? I am all for a good made for TV movie - but this just seemed excessive.

Overall, the winners weren't too surprising, not necessarily disappointing, just a bit lackluster. Example: I love Jeremey Piven; like mad crush on him. So I was glad that he won, but this is like the third year in a row for him and I really wanted Neil Patrick Harris to win for HIMYM. NPH does a great job on the show and I think this past season, with the whole Robin storyline was pretty good.

Some sharp dressed ladies:

photos courtsy of EW.com and people.com

p.s. oh, yeah my tiny crush on Josh Groban grew a little last night - too bad I can't stand his music, but gotta love a boy with a great sense of humor.
p.p.s. I couldn't find any pics of the hottie men that were there that would show up on the blog (screw you WireImage). I was able to hunt down this sa-woon worthy image. Gosh, makes me weak in the knees just thinking about him ... sigh

edit: Thanks Getty Images and the Seattle PI - you didn't let me down - I should have trusted you from the beginning

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blondes have more fun?

So, after feeling like I needed to change things and spending an obscene amount of money on retail therapy, I decided to change my hair color. This is probably the one thing that always makes me feel a little better is drastically changing my hair color. It always gives me a sense of feeling refreshed and renewed; like everything can change now because my hair color is new.

After multiple hours of bleaching, rinsing and dying, below is the final product. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An example of new car syndrome:

Dear Carolyn: I sit here at the beginning of another year of law school, but find myself feeling incredibly alone and unfulfilled. Most of my friends from college have gone their separate ways, gotten engaged or married, gotten used to me being elsewhere, and moved on.
I'm in my mid-20s and I feel like I've accomplished nothing. A terrible bout of depression kept me from really engaging in anything substantial in college, and these days, the things that used to interest me no longer do. Maybe people are just better at faking interest at what they do than I am, but if you told me when I was 15 this was what my life was going to look like, I'd have been shocked. I just don't know what to do. I'm tired of a life unlived.
-- Va.

Dear Va.: I hope you're still in treatment for the depression, at minimum having someone you talk to who can monitor your condition.
As for the lives your friends are living, please don't put too much stock in appearances. People are up, people are down, many are both at the same time -- but few are letting it all play out in full view.
That's why looking over your shoulder is of very limited use in assessing your place in life. Not only are you not seeing the whole picture, but it's also someone else's picture. The only thing that matters is the way your life fits when you're the one wearing it.
If your life doesn't resemble what you had in mind, you're in plentiful company. Depression can certainly add to any disappointment you feel, too: It affects both your ability to enjoy the moment and your ability to see where that moment is leading. That's why treatment is so important. It can help you sort out whether it's your life that needs fixing, or just your depression-tinged perception of it.
I also would suggest making basic, physical adjustments to boost your outlook, and specifically help fend off depression. If you're healthy enough for it, get regular exercise. Get enough sleep. Eat well. To the best of your ability, will yourself to do these things.
Then, slowly, one move at a time, start looking around for fulfilling new things you can do with your time. If nothing appeals to you, try do-gooding just so you get the buzz of doing good. And so on.
And finally, give yourself a credible narrative for where you are in life right now. You haven't failed to live your life, and it's not as if you haven't accomplished anything; you're simply immersed, temporarily, in the pursuit of a long-term goal. It's not failure to bloom, it's a bloom of delayed gratification.
If your concern is that the gratification will never come, start taking small, practical steps toward planning your life after graduation. Ask yourself what you would consider a fulfilling life purpose -- advancing a cause, say, or protecting the vulnerable, or making great piles of money -- and then narrow your focus on the career path that would take you there. Having a steeple to chase, even if you end up changing direction later, can do so much when you feel a bit lost.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Love/Hate Relationship with Portland

The roomie and I went to Portland for the weekend to visit a good friend of mine from way back in my youth (aka high school). It was a lot of fun since it had been a while since I had been in Portland and since Maegan and I had hung out in general. It is always nice just to get away for awhile
The "hate" part of Portland is basically whittled down to the speed limit (never has that term seem so appropriate) and the fact that most bars close at 1am at the latest. There seemed to be other things that were bothersome to us at the time, but I can't recall the rest.

The "love" part, well there are so many things that I love about the city. And perhaps simply because it isn't home is what makes it seem so much fun. Or perhaps because it really is just that cool. Either way, always makes for a good weekend. I definitely for see more trips down there in the future. It is much easier now that I have a car and not in school anymore. Plus with Les and Maegan in the same place, there is no excuse for me not to be there more often.

Favorite moments:
(mmmm... beer and doughnuts, life is good)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh, God, what a bitch ...

Everything seemed to line-up that I should write about the new 90210. I was just going to let it go, slip under my blog radar, since I knew that everyone else would be talking about it. But I couldn't, not after reading this cool article* a friend sent or reading Sarah Dessen's LJ today.

I had been getting pretty psyched for a while knowing that they were going to make a new 90210. I got increasingly excited when I knew that Rob Thomas (no, not that one... this one) was going to be writing it. Hello- we are all aware of my my LOVE for all things Veronica Mars (Logan ... sa-woon). Then to hear that first Donna (oh, Tori why did you have to pull out of the show?) and Kelly and then Brenda (!) were all going to come back. I was excited. Plus, Shanae Grimes (Degrassi:TNG alum) was also apart of the show, which was fun to see.

But last night, I was a bit disappointed. I knew that it wouldn't be the same as the OG version. But it didn't even seem that good. It seemed that it was trying too hard to be like all other "successful" teen dramas. It had the trashiness of Gossip Girl (which is basically Sex and the City for 13 year olds) and the "hip -indie music" and parental story line like the OC. It just seemed like they were using a formula, which we all know never works. I was also expecting a little more wit and dry humor, since that is Rob Thomas's M.O.

Instead there was none. It was just sort of blah. The only parts that I enjoyed were ones that tied into the old story. Seeing Brenda not being a bitch, Kelly and her teenage sister. The Peach Pit. Plus, okay- I know its is WBHS and all, but what high school would allow their students to perform "Spring Awakening"? At my H.S. parents were up in arms about saying the word "skank" when it was part of the title of a song in the dance show ("Rockafella Skank," to be exact).

Plus, now everyone and their brother is going to try and figure out what Spring Awakening even is and then they will invade the showing of it, here in November. I already have to deal with people who think it is okay to wear jeans to the theatre, I don't need teeny-bopper wannabes.

*I wish I had such basic standards for TV shows/movies. Rather I just live by the "that's stupid" rule

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mi Familia

So, I was going to write about my weekend with the Phobester in town, going to Bumbershoot, the small size of the curly fries and elephant ears, and teeny-boppers galore. But then after a convo with my cousin, I decided to write about something else.

After some what I can assume was some "for fun" research my cousin came across an album cover and blurb about my real grandfather when he was the guitarist for Merle Haggard. It is pretty cool and fascinating that my grandfather did this, even if it was after my g-ma and him divorced and wasn't a part of the family any more.
It is all sort of surreal though to think that someone, who I have (had ... he has been dead for like 30 years) blood ties to was sorta famous. And not in the obscure famous Irish jockey or that guy who wrote "My Old Kentucky Home" and "Camptown Races" (both my relatives). I can say Merle Haggard and not have to explain really who he is or sing the song (camp town ladies sing that song, do da, do da...).

It also sort of interesting that it wasn't until these past few years that anyone in my family talked about it. It was never mentioned when either Evan or I did our family history projects. Or even when I retold (and told and told) my story of being mere feet away from Merle. To think, I could have yelled something along the lines of "I am Bobby Wayne's granddaughter" and I might have gotten a response. In reality, I might have gotten a blank stare - that man, is freakin' old. But still.

Though I suppose in the end it all makes sense, no one wants to really talk about a man who was an alcoholic and not a part of the family. Especially if he was semi-successful afterward. Logically it all makes sense why it took this long to become any sort of conversation topic. He's not exactly someone that my family wants to glorify - nor do I really think he should be, either. I suppose the acknowledgment of it all that I am getting at.

I suppose we wouldn't be a family though if there still weren't untold stories or skeletons hanging around in the closet.