Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Rants on Books

So, I was reading, Sarah Dessen's (one of my favorite authors) LJ these last few days and she was commenting about her most recent book "Just Listen" being challenged in a school district in Tampa Bay, Fl. First off, as I have stated here before I am against the banning of books and so for me to see something like this happening to such a wonderful author is just aggravating. Secondly, what the people are saying about the book is just extremely frustrating.

The passage in question is an attempted rape that happens to the main character and her best friend's boyfriend (talk about a skeezey guy). And what really gets me riled up, is that they are calling this scene "repulsive" and "graphic." I'm sorry, but last time I checked, rape isn't something beautiful or kind. It is a terrible, horrible, heinous act (and crime) and it should be depicted as so. And also, last time I checked, it was something that, unfortunately, high school students go through. Why shouldn't the literature that they are reading depict that as well?

I can almost guarantee that these parents who are against "Just Listen" and other books that have similar plot lines/passages are not talking to their children about rape and sexual assault. So what is their daughter supposed to when she finds herself in a similar situation and she has never been taught how to handle it? This is not to say that literature can help solve such problems and that any girl who is raped from now on will be fine if she has access to such books, I am just saying that it can help.

But what infuriates me more, is the comments of support of banning a book, that if a 15 year-old is to read such a book, they are going to lose their innocence (btw, the woman who commented on this angle needs to check her spelling). That argument is such a bunch of bull shit in my opinion. I read books about rape, violence, sex, underage drinking and the like when I was in high school and I was still able to maintain a sense of appropriate innocence for my age. But then again, maybe I was just raised better (hi Mom). There was an encouraged dialogue in my house and yes some things were "banned" until I was of a certain age (mostly dealing with movie ratings, but then I guess I just bought the whole "its against the law"thing anyway, so I never questioned it). But I still never felt that my parents were being moronic and closed minded like the parents who are opposing banning books.

And as closed minded as the parents were at my high school (no play, musical and dance show could escape some sort of objection) they never seemed to get up in arms about the books their kids were reading. In fact, it was the books that Bauer had her 9th grade English class read that have become some of my favorites, including "Speak" (the main character gets raped and then doesn't speak for a whole year) and "If You Come Softly" (inter-racial relationships, homosexuality and gun violence).

Or what about "The Giver" or "Bridge to Terabithia" which I read in 6th Grade English? The list could go on and on of great books that I have just read in school alone that are banned some where else.

But what is even more sad is that there are people out there in the world raising their children in a completely sheltered and close minded existence and it will not do them any good once they get out into the "real world" or even worse these children could be the ones running the country someday making the same idiotic decisions that their parents are making

Friday, December 7, 2007

Best of 2007*

So it is that time of year, time to recap the great music we got hear this year. It is of course difficult to pick just 10 albums, and grant it I could do more, its my list, but then I would just list every album that I liked and well, where is the fun in that?

1) Under the Blacklight - Rilo Kiley
It was hard to pick my top album and in reality there is a tie between this and album number two. But really, can you top this? After loving "More Adventurous" and listening to their music on repeat for many days on end, I was not disappointed with this album. While, in studio the sound is a bit different that their previous work, hearing the songs live, makes it seem like this was the music they always made.

2) Wild Hope - Mandy Moore
This album lived up to everything that I thought it would. It is so emotion-packed, every time I listen to it, I feel everything she is singing. Mandy has grown into a mature sound mix of pop and folk. Plus her voice is also phenomenal

3) Ripe - Ben Lee
This was another anticipated album of the year for me as well. There are catchy choruses, great beats and all around well put together songs. Not only does he do duets with Ms. Mandy and also Rachel Yamagata, Ben worked with the boys from Rooney as well. Anyone who writes a song "What Would Jay-Z Do?" is okay in my book

4) The Reminder - Feist
I didn't start getting into Feist until later in the year. I was introduced to her music through a friend back in the spring and thought she sounded amazing. Fast forward to the summer road trip, where it appears to be every where from NPR to the whiskey bar in S.F. After finally getting my own copy of the album, I loved it even more.

5) Alright, Still - Lily Allen
This is a fun, kick ass, make fun of others to make myself feel better, album and I love it. She has great beats and catchy lyrics. Though her off stage and often on stage dramatics can be checked at the door, you still can't help but still lvoe the music. Plus after hearing her cover of The Kooks' "Naive" (sorry not on this album though) you can tell that she does have talent

6) Infinity on High - Fall Out Boy
Two years ago "From Under a Cork Tree" was my number #1 album. There was something about the mile long song titles, emo-tastic lyrics, and all out heart that went into that album. While, "Infinity on High" was not terrible, by any means, it just didn't have the same effect for me. Though there are choice songs on the album that I especially like "Take Over, The Breaks Over," there is still something, just doesn't make it my number 1.

7) "Once" Soundtrack
I was fortunate enough to see a press screening of this film months before it came into theatres. I was even more fortunate to have the privilege of meeting and interview, Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova, and John Carney (the director). The film, which I thought was just beautiful, translates well onto the soundtrack. My favorite is "Falling Slowly."

8) Calling all the World - Rooney
When Rooney's first album came out my senior year of high school, I was beyond excited. I had already seen them in concert twice, had a 3 song EP and was waiting not so patiently for the full-length LP to drop. When it finally did, it lived up to my expectations. Now over 4 years later, I had that same feeling of anticipation when their sophomore effort finally came out. While the songs are different than the music they were making before, there is still the same underlying sound. You can still dance around to it in your kitchen and it still reminds me of home.

9) It Won't Be Soon Before Long - Maroon 5
This was another group that I got into, my senior year of H.S. Songs About Jane had been played on repeat for years. Seeing them at The Showbox was one of my top concerts. When their sophomore album finally came as well, I was pleasantly surprised. Not sure if it would live up to everything I wanted it to, it did. There are the great songs about heart break, love and even cheating/murdering. It doesn't get better than that.

10) In the Shade of Poison Trees - Dashboard Confessional
I was very surprised this past fall to find out that Dashboard was releasing another album, since it had just been a year since Dusk and Summer had been released and was finally getting a lot more air time. Though, lower on my list than other of his albums might have been, could be because this album still feels a little rushed, not as thought through like his other albums. But it still makes my list because, well, it is Dashboard and what can I say, I love him.

Here are some of the albums that I liked this year, but not quite Top Ten Material:
Bloc Party - A Weekend in the City
Norah Jones - Not Too Late
Mika - Living in Cartoon Motion
The Shins - Wincing the Night Away
Sara Barielles - Little Voice

Here are albums that would have severely shaken up my Top Ten had I actually had the financial means to buy them:
Even if It Kills Me - Motion City Soundtrack
Cease to Begin - Band of Horses
In our Bedroom After the War - Stars
The Con - Tegan and Sara

And if I actually like Radiohead, I am sure that In Rainbows would have made my list.
And if I didn't severely hate Amy Wino's attitude, Back to Black, would have made my list, because man can she sing ... when she's sober

Thursday, November 29, 2007

BK Baby

It seems that sometimes my luck turns around. True, while nothing terrible has been happening lately, nothing grand has happened either. Things have just been good. But that all changed on Tuesday evening, when I checked my e-mail and saw, that my obsessive checking of said e-mail had paid off and I had gotten into to see Ben Kweller. This was a show that is put on by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in which Warren ? goes all over the country interviewing what they deem some of the great artists of the time making music.

It was at Neumo's, a venue I have not been at in ages, which is also a pretty small venue at that. But since there was going to be an interview, along with a performance, there had been seats set out. After having to throw elbows in the past for seats at other shows, my friend and I decided to get to the venue early. Man, did it pay off, our seats were front row center. They were perfect.*

Plus, after we got in, and got our wristbands, we found that we also got 3 FREE beers. It was so cool. Soon we settled in with our free beverages (well I did, my friend is not a beer drinker) and got ready for the show.

In one word:amazing. I don't think I have crushed so hard on BK, then I did last night. Besides the fact that we had some eye contact, but just hearing/watching him talk about his music and the process of it all was just awesome. And the performance, was one of the best that I have seen him do. It is right under the first time I saw him with Death Cab for Cutie. He was energetic and passionate. It was everything that a BK show was supposed to be and more. It was one of those times where it was so great that I can't put it into words besides glowing adjectives.

The show also was emotionally driven for myself because BK holds so many memories for me with many different people and the interesting part of it all was that they are people who aren't a part of my life anymore. Well, maybe one person is about 10% a part of my life... but that is besides the point. The other strange thing about the people I associate BK with is that they are all people who have hurt me in one way or another. Maybe I should take that as a sign, if I think of a person and BK, they are doomed to be out of my life? So to hear him play certain songs brought back memories, a lot sad, but not in a dramatic way anymore. But a more looking back fondly/sad sort of way.

This all appears to be going down a path I try not to have this blog go. So I'll just say that it was a great night and I am glad that my luck changed and I got to have such a great night (especially in the middle of the week).

Oh and the great news of the night: BK is releasing a new album next year

*This is a note to the douche bag who sat behind us: SHUT UP! No one forced you to go, it was for free and I know tons of other people who have killed to have been in your seat. If you were so bored then just leave. Go take your tool of self and leave so the rest of us can enjoy the show and not have to here your annoying voice.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fashion Do or Don't?

So I did it, I caved ... I bought a vest (dun dun duuuuunnnnnn). I know, I know there had been some mocking in the past ... who buys vests, they aren't cool, etc. But then there I was admiring the wonderful work of Ms. SJP and I saw a vest. I tried on a vest. I loved the vest.

I cringed for a moment as I slipped my arms through the arm holes and fastened the two buttons in the front. But as I glanced up at the mirror I saw something: I looked good in the vest. It was not the horror that I thought. It did not bring back horrible elementary school flashbacks of vests that I wore then (though I suppose cute then, in hindsight, not so much). And for a reasonable price, I too, could be a trendy vest wearer.

I pondered for a bit, weighing the consequences. Do I get it, even though I will be mocked by a good friend? Even though I too had been a mocker of vests? Even though I do look fabulous in it? And it was only $15?

You already know the answer to my internal dilemma, as I told you three paragraphs ago that I did buy the vest. And you know what, I am glad I did.

Today, with this vest, my skinny jeans, over sized sunglasses and tote, I am so trendy it hurts.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The night starts here...

Boy did it ever. Friday night was wonderful, starting with a wonderful gathering at friend's boss's house full of good food and good people. It ended with what I needed: a good concert. A concert that leaves you literally singing the songs when you fall asleep later that night. A concert that gives you goosebumps when the band plays your favorite song and you, and everyone else there, sings along.

The Stars* concert at The Showbox (original ...screw this SoDo crap), was in a word: amazing. After gaining seats at the bar, that allowed myself and my friend to see over everybody's heads, I really began to enjoy the show. They played all of my favorite songs (though I wished they had played "The Big Fight") and I was pretty much brought to tears with "Your Ex-Lover is Dead."
The mixture of the vocals and the instruments was a perfect match. It was one of the shows, that while they didn't change how they performed the song from compared to the albums too much, there was still a different sound. It was just sharper, louder and more emotion packed.

So after a great night like that, Saturday afternoon soon came and it was time for the UW v. Cal game. Thanks again to the same friend's boss, we had great seats in a covered section at about the 20 yard line. Though my Bears did loose, it was still fun to sit and cheer and yell. It makes me still a little sad that I went to a school that did not have a football team.

The rest of weekend was pretty calm and relaxing, which was just what I'll need to prep for the the upcoming week: T-Day and then shopping the next day ... man oh man, wish me luck.

*If you are interested in the group, some songs I recommend you check out:
Your Ex-Lover is Dead
The Big Fight
This Charming Man
Elevator Love Letter
The First Five Times
What I'm Trying to Say
Romantic Comedy
Take Me to the Riot

Monday, November 12, 2007

The many shades of Megan

So, I did it, I caved and bought box-hair dye. I had already taken the plunge and gotten my hair cut by someone different than Diane. After going to the same person for about 12 years, it can be a nerve-racking experience. But I was fine, I went to the wonderful people at Zero Zero and Henry gave me a super cute and chic hair cut that I absolutely love. It even made my roots blend in better with the rest of my hair, it was great (Image 1). But as time progressed, it became evident that I would have to use the box of dye I bought. I was going for a light red, a shade I hadn't had in a while, however it turned drastically a different color (Image 2). I feel I looked like a mixture of a video game character, trailer trash and too-cool-for-school hipster kid. Needless to say, not the look I was going for. Though, not one to freak out, I simply went and bought a dark brown and after spending the day has Sydney from Alias, I became the new Megan (Image 3).

I like the color of my hair, it hasn't been this shade in awhile, and it seems fitting to have it a darker color now that (unfortunately) it is winter. But to all you critics of those of us who paid a professional to color our hair: YOU WERE WRONG. The extra money I would have spend on having Henry color my hair, would have been worth it. Though it was nice to feel like Angela Chase and I could have been friends ... you know if she wasn't a fictional character on a tv show that is over 10 years old.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Does doing a bad thing make you a bad person?

Last night I was told that a friend's friend has been involved in a shooting. He had been the one to shoot the gun and it resulted in the death of another guy. Having first heard this story from my friend and then hearing it on the news, there was a vast difference in the way it was told.

The news plays up the angle that this boy was the ultimate victim. He was on his way from leaving the party, when he stopped to help a friend who had gotten into a fight and the next thing he knows he is shot in the chest and dead. The victim is made to be this angel of a boy, not the same boy who was at a party, most likely drinking underage. Because their son, grandson, friend neighbor would never do anything wrong, and was so helpful and loving.

Now this is not to say that I don't think that the victim was a good person and I am sure he was a wonderful help to his grandmother, but can also say with a lot of certainty that he wasn't perfect. No one is. Yes, in a way this was a senseless crime. It is also a very unfortunate event that should never have to happen to anyone. But to glorify the dead does nothing but paint a false picture of the person that is gone. Just once, I would like someone to say, "yeah they were great person, but man they had a tendency to interrupt people." Or something where at least it shows that a person died and not a deity.

But what about the shooter, does anyone wonder what brought him to this point that he felt he needed to kill someone? That he was so angry that he had time to contemplate the act before committing it? From what I understand, this was not a bad guy. But now because he killed someone does that automatically make him a terrible human being? Do all his good qualities and deeds that he did before the shooting all of a sudden get discounted? And where were his friends when this was happening? Were they there telling him not to shoot or were they silent and just watched it unfold before their eyes?

But on a separate note, I firmly believe that you don't buy a gun unless you have the intentions of using it. I think that people should have the right to bear arms, not in a crazy Charlton Heston way, but in a you should have a permit and be responsible way. However, how responsible can you be when you bring a gun to a party when you know that you are going to be drinking?

Though I suppose a lot of these questions could be answered if the media hadn't created such a one-sided story. It is times like these that make me so much more critical of reporters and what goes through their mind when writing. You aren't creating a PR piece about the victim, it is a news story. At the very least there is a formula to it and it involves hearing all sides of the story. It all makes me wish that I was writing and reporting again, so that I at least would know that I was making a difference and trying to change things.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oh Nostalgia

I came across someone posting an old New Kids on the Block video and it not only reminded me of my once love for the band. It took me back to the days when I rocked not one, but two NKTB watches. I had shirts, a towel, lunch box and most importantly two dolls (Jonathan Knight and Donnie Wahlberg). My parents should have known that this would just send me down a path of collecting things (which I must say is getting quite less now that I am getting older).

But the blog posting also reminded me of a Conan O'Brien sketch from years ago. It was something that we watched in Journalism and English numerous times my sophomore year of high school. And after a good, lengthy search on the internet, I finally found it (you have to scroll down and click "dudez-a-plenti's greatest hit...).

One of my favorite Conan sketches ever, next to "hasta la vista reef" and the greatest summer of the show.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Banned Books

We are in the midst of Banned Book Week (Sept. 29-Oct. 30) and I can't help but think back to the first time I had encountered the idea of a "banned" book. It must have been the summer before second or third grade and I was leaving the library with my dad and brother. There was a woman there trying to get our library to ban some books and I don't remember the specifics of the conversation, but I am pretty sure that in a subtle (or knowing my father a not-so-subtle) way told the woman she was an ignorant fool. And after explaining to my brother and I what that woman was doing there I remember thinking that she was a fool. Didn't she know about the First Amendment (my smart ass knew all about freedom of speech)? And from that moment on I was always enthralled with the idea that there were books that "challenged" and why people would be against them being on the shelves of libraries across the nation.

To me, the reasons why are ridiculous and it seems to only be a handful of people in the country who have a problem. They say that it is not appropriate storyline, language or matter that should be discussed by parents. 1) If you don't want your kid reading a book, don't let them (this obviously becomes more difficult as they get older, but it is the same argument used for violent video games or movies) 2) This is why this next generation is going to be sheltered idiots not knowing how to interact in the "real world."

The whole point of a book is the historical, cultural context surrounding it. And really its not as though books are as negatively influential as those TV shows, movies or video games. When was the last time you saw a kid paddle down the Mississippi with an escaped slave? (No. 5) Or a doll come to life or something equally as "scary" and unreal? (No. 16) And last time I checked EVERYONE goes through puberty (No. 40, 61, 95 and 58) Of course there is my personal favorite of stupid Margaret praying to get her period because she thinks that it will make her fit in (No. 62). Despite it not really accurately portraying the true pains of Aunt Flo, it is something that ALL girls go through.

Censorship is something that I am never going to completely understand, and finding the fine line of where I stand is difficult, but I do know for one thing, banning books is something I will never agree with.

Here is the list for 2006 (courtesy of the ALA):
  • "And Tango Makes Three" by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, for homosexuality, anti-family, and unsuited to age group;

  • "Gossip Girls" series by Cecily Von Ziegesar for homosexuality, sexual content, drugs, unsuited to age group, and offensive language;

  • "Alice" series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor for sexual content and offensive language;

  • "The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things" by Carolyn Mackler for sexual content, anti-family, offensive language, and unsuited to age group;

  • "The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison for sexual content, offensive language, and unsuited to age group;

  • "Scary Stories" series by Alvin Schwartz for occult/Satanism, unsuited to age group, violence, and insensitivity;

  • "Athletic Shorts" by Chris Crutcher for homosexuality and offensive language.

  • "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky for homosexuality, sexually explicit, offensive language, and unsuited to age group

  • "Beloved" by Toni Morrison for offensive language, sexual content, and unsuited to age group;

  • "The Chocolate War" by Robert Cormier for sexual content, offensive language, and violence.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Friday

This is something that everyone needs to see* on mornings where they are running late to work, are bleeding from the ankles from new shoes and had a PMS filled night before

*now obviously, I have NO IDEA if these were actually meant for me, but it doesn't really matter because it made me feel better, and so it really doesn't matter

Monday, September 10, 2007

Those who haven't learned from the past are doomed to repeat it

So I had the intentions of writing about Vogue's record-breaking ads in their latest issue having 727 pages ads out of 840 pages total. Then go off on my rant about why I don't really like Vogue and that this just ads to my dislike for the magazine, blah, blah, blah.

But after perusing the latest news updates on my homepage, I was reminded of the "Jena 6" trials that are going on right now. This got me curious to read up more about the events, trial and people involved since I had been hearing a lot about it lately. Of course it was difficult at first trying to find an unbiased website, but eventually I did and, while I am extremely upset about the blatant racism that led up and is surrounding this case, can I say I am surprised? No.

In a town where the demographic is 85% white and 12% black, where most of the black population lives in run-down, low-income housing, where a woman with a four year degree in business can't get a job as a bank teller simply because she is black (stats from, are we really surprised that the powers that be would call hanging nooses a "harmless prank"?

Nooses still have (and probably will for a long time) a huge impact on not only the black community. They even have an impact on me, middle-class white girl. I know what they signify, I know the symbolism, the connotation of nooses hanging on a tree that some black kids wanted to sit around. The fact that the rest of the town, the school board can't see and understand how this would be threatening, how this would lead to racial tension with the students is beyond comprehension.

And of course, along with all this you have everyone weighing on their opinion (myself included...obviously) and some of the blogs/articles are valid and the you have other ones like Anastasia Goodstein who thinks that a forum would have been a good idea and that if there had been a place for students to express their feelings about the nooses being hung then none of the other incidents would have occurred.

No shit, sherlock. But does she honestly think that in a town where at the high school there is a "white tree" to begin with that there are going to be people who are open to discussing race? Give me a break, shoot, those ideas don't even work at schools in the liberal Pacific Northwest, when "nigger" written in graffiti on a dorm hall and earlier in that year nooses hung as well (yep, that happened two years ago at SU). No one really talked about their feelings on race or even the issue of the graffiti, all the suggestions about having a more open conversation about race, etc. fell on deaf ears. What makes Anastasia Goodstein think that a town like Jena, Louisiana would be open to such an idea if us "liberal, non-racists" can't even do it?

There are a lot of problems surrounding this issue, and I think one of the most important ones is that no one seems to be writing about this besides the blog-o-sphere and the local papers. A search on the AP site reveals nothing, a quick Google News search comes up with the same thing. Where are we as journalist on such a major issue? Is it because I am in the PNW that we just don't seem to care? That we are "beyond" this? That it doesn't affect us?

I mean, come on, look what we did with the Duke lacrosse/rape case. This case has just as much surrounding it, yet you don't see it anywhere near the front page of the NYT do you?

Sometimes it can be so frustrating living in this world, and I know I have it easier than most

Make up your own mind:
Google News Search
Democracy Now!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Observations from the workplace

I was just semi-coffee raped right now. So I get working in an office with a bunch of "computer geeks" that I would have to be dealing with things, like social awkwardness, "interesting" fashion sense, etc. Little did I know that also meant people taking my hot water that was in the middle of brewing coffee for their own cup for tea. Which, fine would be okay if there was no other way to get hot water and then was a life or death computer emergency that this person had to attend to but could only do so with a cup of hot tea. But there is and there wasn't.

Right next to this gentleman was the HOT WATER dispenser, which has the sole purpose of dispensing HOT WATER. But oh yeah, that's right there was someone else filling up their cup, so it was obviously more important to interrupt my coffee brewing then to wait the FIVE SECONDS it took for the other person to finish.

I'd like to think that the usurpage of my water was merely a mistake due to this guy's social ineptness. But another part of me thinks that it runs a little deeper, that because a) I am girl and b) I have a green badge as opposed to his blue badge that he gets to be rude and cut in the hot water line.

And I know the "girl" argument might seem a bit antiquated. I mean, hello it is the end of 2007, get over it you crazy fem-nazi right? But really, I think that there is still a lot that going on here, especially since this a tech industry job and their aren't a lot of women in this building. Plus there is this room called the"team room" that has Foosball tables, couches and such. But I have only seen guys in there, never girls, its like a "No girls Allowed" clubhouse or something.

But mark my words, I will (eventually) make my way into the Foosball room and no longer will I allow someone to take my hot water, take that socially awkward but incredibly rude computer guys

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The greatest news since the last time I heard a story like this

And everyone laughed when I said they were real. But HA! who is laughing now, a woman in Texas found a Chupacabra!
Yes that is right, crazy Texan lady found the road kill of the mythical blood sucker and all my years of claiming they are real have been vindicated.

I leave you with these photos to ponder.

*editor's note: I do realize that could all be a HUGE hoax. But it is still nice to know that unidentifiable roadkill is initially thought to be a Chupacabra as opposed to like just a dead dog or something

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"no one wants a one-eyed prostitute"

Three-day weekends are always more exciting when you have something like a job or school that you don't ave to go to on Monday. And man, was this past weekend eventful. I'll try to be brief in my recaps.


The day started off early (really early considering we stayed up late catching up with an old friend) helping a friend move. It went much quicker than wen we moved since they rented a moving truck and didn't have to keep moving lots of furniture. It gave us also enough time to shower and get down to see The Shins at Bumbershoot. They were good as the last time I saw them. And man, was the crowd who came to see them was HUGE. We definitely did not think that they would draw that big of a crowd. The rest of the day was spent wandering from stage to stage and eating our way through the shows. I got my yearly fill of elephant ears, slushy drinks, and blocks of curly fries.

The evening brought local hip-hop group Common Market, who always know how to put on a good show, whether it is a big crowd like at Bumbershoot or a small one at my alma mater. But the best was yet to come when we saw Gym Class Heroes. They were AWESOME. Travis is an incredible MC. He made each of the songs sound better than the album and not too different that you hated it. Plus he just makes me swoon.


This was a low-key day, until the evening when I trekked downtown to see "Superbad," which was so hilarious. You know it was funny when my companion (who I have known for 4 years) was shocked to find out that I had a loud laugh. But, it was just great. It is one of those movies you could watch over and over again and still laugh just as hard and just as loud as the first time.

But the best part of Sunday was when I was waiting at the movies I saw Mary Kay Letourneau and her husband and first kid! Yep, that's right, the same Mary Kay Letourneau who slept with her sixth grade student. Isn't that great? I almost died of excitement. (side note: I know I am going to hell for gawking...but really who fucking cares? It was MKL).


This was another Bumbershoot filled day. Two great back-to-back shows with Joss Stone and John Legend. Both of whom were as good as you would expect. Though John was much more exciting and moving around than I thought he would be. The only downside was that Joss' mic was too low so you had to strain to hear her talk. But then again, the times that I did hear her, she was rambling on and on about finding love, etc. That all would have been more believable if she wasn't just 20 years old. Gimme a break kid, what do you know about love?

Again the middle of the day was spent killing time, eating and people watching. It was then time to go watch The Frames. Seeing them live made me want to own all their music even more. Plus they sang my favorite song from "Once." They were able also to get the whole crowd to sing along at one point, a feat that many of the bands I saw were not able to pull off.

This of course was all leading up to the grand finale of a reunited Wu-Tang Clan. Now I will admit that I am not up on a lot of Wu-Tang music, but the fact that they have not performed together in how many years and I got to go to one of the handful of shows that they were putting on, that's pretty awesome. They also did a pretty cool tribute to ODB as well.

Everyone holding their lighters or cellphones in memory of ODB. It looked much more awesome in real life

Other news not related to me:

Roddick vs. Federer= hopefully not a loss for Roddick...but really you can only be too optimistic. Next Andy, we'll get them next year.

Congratulations to my favorite author who just gave birth to her first daughter.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This is why I pay people to do things

So we have finally officially moved into to our new house (I'll post pictures soon). It is wonderful to be sleeping on my "new" bed, despite that I don't have any sheets yet. Though it is just as short as my old one, I don't know how my 6ft+ tall friend ever slept comfortably on it.

After doing an assessment on the amount of clothes that I own (though it is much less than before, go me for donating lots) and the amount of closet space I have, I came to the conclusion that I needed a shelf/drawer type action for my clothing. Insert one trip to Target and a cabinet/shelf sale later and you get solution to my problem right? Wrong.

This was a shelf that is supposed to have doors that close in the front, however after nailing the back into the shelf I realized that yes, indeed I had nailed it to the wrong side of the shelf. It still serves its purpose of housing my clothes, there are just not any doors. And I had been doing so well too. I had been able to distinguish which pieces were doors/shelves/support, etc. I had even found use for my drill, that never gets to see the light of day because of my lack of building things. Though I guess case in point is why I never build things. I was going to be so super cool for having to put together a shelf, but alas I am just super lame for not being able to figure out what goes where. But in my defense there were only vague picture directions and my roommate who bought the same shelf had made a similar mistake (though she was able to fix it, so she gets doors).

And in same vain, moving helped rediscover my love for packing. For finding the right size objects to going in the right size box or bag. To make everything fit so perfectly in the car/truck that it maximizes space and saves on trips driving back and forth. I really should have whored my packing self out during college. I could have made bank helping all those who hated packing, didn't have time, were worried about finals. It would have been perfect. Too bad I was having to do two out of the three myself. Maybe at the end of this year....

And on a completely different side note I have been reading this blog for work lately and I really like it. It is so hilarious, though it doesn't pertain to my life at all (thank god)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Beer, fries and good tunes

In the past few weeks I have been frequenting Fremont, more and more. I don't know why I never went out that way before. Except for the occasional trip to the Troll or to visit my good friend Lenin, I never had ventured out that way. Perhaps it was my laziness of having to take two buses over there, or the fear of the taking an unknown bus for the first time and ending up somewhere completely different.

My first recent trip was to the Ballroom, for an acquaintance's birthday. While going on a Tuesday night helped keep the atmosphere nice and chill. The well drinks were over-priced. $5 for a rum and coke? Give me a break. But since I didn't end up having to pay for it, I can't complain too much. But that definitely turned me off from coming back, plus I heard that it turns into a dance club on the weekends, where all the yuppie Fremont-ites go to let loose. Though despite all this seemingly negativity surrounding it, I did have a good time. It was probably because of the company.

My latest voyage to Fremont was the other night to see my roommate's co-worker's band Hey Marseilles perform. They were performing at the High Dive, which is an upscale place pretending to be a dive bar (but I guess that is most of Fremont). But their drinks weren't too bad, food was reasonably priced, though apparently the mini chicken n' cheese tacos are a hot commodity because as of 7:45pm, they were sold out. But their jalapeno tarter sauce for the fries is magnificent.

Okay, back to why I was there in the first place, Hey Marseilles. Man, were they good. I mean, not "hey I sorta know someone in the band so I am going to say they are good" good. But actually really good. Though they do not want to be classified as "emo" they do sound an awful lot like all the upbeat Bright Eyes songs (the few that there are). But that is not a bad thing in my book. In fact that is what I liked about their sound. They seemed to also be channeling a little bit of my new favorite Canadian band Stars (who will be in Seattle on Nov. 16). They had everything from an accordion to a stand up bass to a ukulele. All the instruments flowed well and they were fun to watch.

However, the night was spoiled a bit by the invasion of "Tuna Breath." TB, as he will be called, swooped and quickly invaded my personal space, which wasn't a lot considering I was in a crowded bar. As the story always goes with skeevy guys, I was relentless hit-on. He did not catch on to my subtle and not-so-subtle hints that I was not going to talk/go outside/give him my number. And his, who despite being way more sober than TB, sat and watched as his friend continued to bother me and he did nothing about it (this could also be said for one of my friends who decided he didn't want to help me out....ass). Needless to say not the greatest experience of my life, but not the worse either. They eventually left and I got to enjoy the last few songs in TB-free space.

However, the crazy thing did not occur until walking back from work yesterday. I realize I know TB. To protect myself from him EVER finding me again, I will not say how, but if you want to know, ask I and I'll find a different medium to tell the tale. But all I am saying is that I hope I never run into him again and that he doesn't ruin another Hey Marseilles show for me.

Friday, August 24, 2007

All the news that is fit to print, and then some

Being at work has given me some time to be able to read some interesting newspaper articles (see entry about eggplant). Yesterday brought me another gem of an article. Perhaps since I have such a sick sense of humor that I really get a kick out of the article, especially the part when it comes to limiting the amount of psychics o Or perhaps the history lover in me enjoys the fact that there could potentially be another "Salem witch trial" (I am well aware of my cool factor right now, don't worry).

But I also get to read fun articles about the last tsar of Russia. I think that it is really amazing that they were able to find the bodies. Well, obviously we'll have to wait and see if those are the actual ones. But I keep the faith, I am think that it very well could be. Plus wasn't the whole hemophilia thing the reason the wife was so close to Rasputin?

And that is why he and his little bat friend went off in the search for Anastasia? But she was just a lost girl, who was falling in love with the cutest cartoon love interest that there has ever been. Who wouldn't fall in love with someone who was voiced by John Cusack?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'll be forever yours love always, Mandy

It is official, I can cross something off of my grand life "To-Do List." Last night I was able to see Mandy Moore in concert. It was something that I did not think would ever happen in my lifetime. She had been concentrating on her film career, the last album that she released was a covers album that was four years ago. Who would have thought that she would have felt like writing a whole album and then go on tour with it? Not I that's for sure.

I had been anticipating this concert for over a month now, listening to her album Wild Hope on repeat for the past week, falling in love all over again with her music. But seeing her live was just amazing.

Getting to The Showbox (soon-to-be The Showbox Market) I was reminded of the last time I had been to a show there, back in February to see Ben Kweller. Not only was I mistaken in thinking the artist I was there to see would be the headliner, but also the crowd was very similar. There were many older people there, especially older couples. Then there were the 20-somethings like myself, a lone kid running around and of course the token black couple. It as an interesting mix, and most of whom were there to see Mandy.

Upon taking the stage you saw that Mandy really is as beautiful in person as she is on the screen. She is also down to earth and is like any other 23 year old girl. She is someone who is dorky, fun, the type of person you would want to be friends with. All of which added to the great atmosphere at her show.

She played a majority of her new album, a few songs off of "Coverage," but perhaps my favorite (as well as the crowd's) was her slowed down, soul, version of not only Rhianna's "Umbrella," but of her very first hit from almost a decade ago "Candy."

Though all know by now Mandy has renounced all albums before "Coverage" time and time again, but was nice to see her embrace her past. No one is happy with all the choices that they made when they were 14. But luckily for us our names are not synonymous with those choices, but rather we can keep them hidden, buried in a diary in a box, stuffed in the back of a closet. So for Mandy to own the songs that she sang all those years ago and make them something, new and different for herself, well that is just pretty cool.

But the show did not end there, no my friend, the headliner of the night was none other than Paula Cole, who to answer the question of the night: yes she does have a new album. And she does have a powerful voice. But she was INTENSE. A little too intense for my taste, but her fans sure do love her. And she did sing "I Don't Wanna Wait" as an encore, so that was pretty awesome.

Monday, August 20, 2007

"Its not that hard to spell 'God' in an eggplant"

This story was brought to my attention by a co-worker. It reminds me of the one of the only episodes of Donahue I ever remember watching. A woman in New Mexico was cooking a tortilla and the shape of the Virgin Mary appeared in a burn mark.
But I think my favorite part is that it is being sold on eBay. Nothing says religion like trying to make a profit off of anything. Pope on a lollipop anyone?

She works hard for the money

It is official (well it has been for about a week now) but I am now employed. I am doing temp work for Amazon, which at the moment consists of not doing a whole lot. But I like it. I like having a purpose in the morning, I like being up in the morning. Who would have thought? I am working on training myself to get up early and not need a nap or go to bed early. This might take a lot of caffeine and discipline, but I am up for the challenge. This should also result in me becoming more knowledgeable in what is going on in the world and per chance taking up a new hobby. Who needs a new year to make life resolutions?

Monday, August 13, 2007

When in Rome...

I am back stateside from a 12 day whirlwind adventure in France and Italy. And it was a wonderful trip, a little sad to be back but that is only because I still don't have a house as of Sept. But I at least I am not jobless (for the next couple months at least). I think I could do this travel thing more often, but I don't think I could be one of those people who do it for months on end, but definitely again.

My first stop was Nice, France and that was wonderful. Swimming every day in the Mediterranean, being "so French" at the beach. Though the highlight I must say was being able to go scuba diving. It was so cool swimming among the fish. I also decided that I could be French, I have the attitude down for sure.


This is the cutest town ever. It was small and Italian. Plus it had Phoebolicious, which would make any place extra wonderful. We got to on a bike ride to the countryside and it was so beautiful. The best 8 Euro spent had to have been using a hotel's pool and just relaxing a lot.


The last stop of trip. I can appreciate that it was a historical city. But it was dirty. Too dirty for my taste. But it was still a lot of fun. Plus meeting my real world equivalent of Adrian Brody was fun.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Doing my best to stay aware of the current events, I came across this article in the Seattle Times today. I don't know how to react to it. In a way it is just the modern form of a cemetery, a place to remember the dead. It keeps people connected to those who died before they should have, maybe even helps create some closure. But I can't also help but wonder if it keeps us stuck in the past. Constantly remembering the person who died and what they are missing out on and what we are missing out on is not exactly that healthy. We can still live our lives, have fun and without that constant reminder that someone isn't with us. It is what you are supposed to do isn't it?
While I, like a lot of people (obviously), have some fascination with death, but is this too extreme? But then again it is other people's deaths, strangers, that I are sometimes more fascinating because once death hits close to home it isn't as interesting. It is devastating and hard to deal with and I don't think that I would want my friend, family member's death to always be there, always out there, reminding me that they are no longer around.

So, if I do die and still have my facebook and myspace accounts, delete them, remove them from the Internet. If you want to stay connected to me you'll figure out a less public way to do so.

*apologies for the morbid topic, just something that caught my eye

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I just want to dance

This is an e-mail I sent The Seattlest in hopes that my plight makes to the masses:

Hey Seattlest,
This isn't a gripe about you, but I wanted to get my frustration out to the appropriate masses and you are one of my favorite forms of media. So if you could help get this out it would be awesome.

The moment I heard that Girl Talk was going to be at the Capitol Hill Block party I was exstatic. Overjoyed. Excited. And any other similar adjective. Having listen to his Night Ripper CD on repeat for days on end, to actually go to one of his shows was supposed to be awesome. But little did I know that I had to in line for Neumo's at least over three hours before his show started because if I didn't (as I later found out) I was not going to be able to get into the venue. So my friends and I enjoyed the atmosphere of the Block Party, which while a little overcrowded with pissed off hipsters, but that was still fine. Having lived on the Hill for four years I knew what I was getting into. We rocked out to Blue Scholars and Silversun Pickups. Ate free Popsicles and drank the free water Oasis was handing out. Chatted with the friendly people around us in the beer garden. Then after having a quick bite at the Pita Pit, we go back into the show with an hour and 15 mins. to spare before the whole reason of going to Block Party was to hit the stage. But to our horror, Neumo's had already reached capacity, they were having to send people out of the venue and the line of people that were for sure not going to get in, began with myself and a friend. Disappointed, to say the least we stayed in line dealing with the pushy girls behind us, the obscenely rude security guards, and all the while being able to see Mr. Girl Talk Himself, Gregg Gillis sit and drink his beer in the VIP area. Not wanting to draw attention to "our find" my friend and I just stared knowing that this was all of the show that we were going to see last night. After decided that it was a useless cause at this point and longing to meet our friends for drinks we left as Gregg was leaving to take the stage.

I am not letting this run my night, because otherwise it was good and fun. But it was frustrating because why didn't the event planners have him outside, where there was more space for everyone to see, move about and enjoy the show? Why even have the Neumo's stage actually set up? It is such a tiny venue to begin with that for a festival it is ridiculous to assume that it would be a good place bands to perform. Let this just be a forewarning for either tonight or for future block parties, but if you want to see anyone at that stage you need to get there early and stay there otherwise there is not chance of it happening.


Saturday, March 31, 2007

Crazy news:

Okay in my successful attempts at procrastinating I cam across these two gems:

1) Two 12-yr-old girls wanted to cause an allergic reaction to their teacher to distract from their progress reports that were due. I guess this is better than them just pulling a prank on the teacher, but that there was an actual purpose to their cold heartedness

2) A girl was kicked off her flight for coughing too much. Its not like we are in a freakin' SARS epidemic anymore or some other "scary" disease of the week. The girl was coughing, and while I am sure it would have been annoying to hear, I don't think anyone on that flight feared for their own health

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We interupt your bit of insomnia for this important bulletin:


I mean it, there are no cookies. When has my house ever been completely cookie free? Even in the Weight Watchers days there was at least "heathy" cookies. Now, there are none and the one time that I actually wanted some and we are cookie free.

And let me tell you a non-frosted strawberry pop tart is not the same thing

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It is the beginning of the end

Well, I think I did one of the scariest things of my life (well my life so far), which was registering for my last quarter of college classes. It was very anti-climatic and I got into all my classes on the first try, which I don't think ever happens. But there it is said and done. But as someone said to me last night, "If I was you I would be scared, I have a year and quarter to go and I am already worrying about what I am going to do. " Which of course I am scared, but at least I know that I am hiding it well, if she couldn't tell. But it is all that I think about, all the time. It trumps most other thoughts (minus all the work I need to get done to pass this quarter) and it makes it real difficult to balance looking at the big picture and the small picture at the same time.
Not much else to really comment on. I think this past Tuesday was the first Tuesday in a long time that I wasn't stressed at all during layout and really I should have been. Maybe its all part of my new thing that apparently I don't stress out when I should and instead I just sleep. Good Job self, good job

Monday, February 19, 2007

"no guys, we want more per pounds, we want to pack it on"

What to write about, what to write about? So much has happened in the last few days it seems impossible to comment on it all in a coherant entry. So we'll do the cliff notes version:
  • Britney shaved her head and got ridiculous tattoos. Not much more is needed to be said here, except for the fact that she is making K-Fed look not as trashy which was hard to to do since he was the epitome of trash.
  • "Ghost Rider" was number one at the box office. "Ghost Rider" come on now people, in what realm did that even look like movie? Yeah sure Eva Mendes is attractive, but should her hot factor account for $40+ million in ticket sales? I know that I like some pretty bad movies, but even I have to draw the line.
  • Speaking of movies, "Bridge to Terabethia" was number two at the box office and contrary to other rumors it is true to the book and Leslie does die at the end. As it does appear that the trailers are misleading and that it does follow the book pretty well. So I want to see it, but that probably won't happen until it comes on video, but I digress. On some of the message boards about the movies, people were complaining about that fact that Leslie does die at the end and that Disney movies are supposed to be happy and also that the death and religious aspects were too deep for children to handle. What? I get that kids are growing up faster than necessary sometimes, but death isn't something that they need to be sheltered from, especially when it is done so tastefully in this film and book. Its not like Disney movies are perfect anyway, they are sexist, stereotypical and violent (doesn't mean I still don't love them). I just think of it as a great way to teach children about death, that is still abstract enough that it is something they don't have to actually go through, but can use the film as catharsis.
  • THIS JUST IN: BANANA REPUBLIC NOW OFFERS CLOTHES IN DOUBLE ZEROES! Well thank goodness, because you don't know how big my zeroes were on me. Now, I know that there are some people are naturally skinner and everything, but really that skinny, so skinny you wear a size that is a double digit of a number that ulitimately means nothing. It just seems to be encouraging unhealthy body image and eating habits. There is nothing wrong with being skinny if that is how your body is built, just like there is nothing wrong with being an 8 or 14 as long as you are healthy about it.
  • Last one, but personal pet peeve, people who use the handicap button to open then door when they don't need to and then subsequently cause the door to be open for a good ten seconds letting in a whole shitload of cold air and seem oblivious to it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


So on my walk to school on a wall I would see this spray-painted stenciled picture of a heart with wing-esque types things coming from it and it said "c'est la vie." It was always sort of inspiring in a way. Sometimes I would specifically look for it and others I would forget it was there, but would happen to look at that wall when I would walk by. I had always meant to take a picture of it as well, but the one day I had my camera with me and remember the picture, I didn't. I was running late and thought that it would be there for awhile. But I should have just taken its advice and taken a picture that day, because when I was looking for it today, it wasn't there. The day I needed it to remind me "such is life" it is not there. I was looking for it to provide the obivous sign that it had been all those times before.
But maybe it was providing a sign, maybe the fact that it had been painted over it is a message for me to not accept "such is life" and that I need to step out of my easily controlled comfort zone. That I need to let go a bit and go with the flow.
This means not being in control, not knowing what will happen next, not being the one who is in the driver's seat. While I don't mind others making choices, I am a backseat driver and so I at least make sure I have my say in where we are going and how we get there.

Well, this is just too many symbols and metaphors for this early in the morning, I give up

Sunday, February 4, 2007

When he's good, his really really good and when he is bad he is horrid*

Well, it is over, the Super Bowl that is (midterms and my homework is a whole other issue). And it was good...for like the first 10 minutes. Then the Bears just sucked it up. Man oh man, did they just loose it. I mean, at least put up a fight right? Give it the ol' college effort or something. But it just got pathetic in the end. I think that is what just sucked the most, that it wasn't even a game, it was a massacre. I want a game. Something to get into, on the edge of your seat action. Not a game that all it takes is a discussion of state capitals to distract you from it.

Sidenote: I have noticed that many of my posts have involved sports, which is very interesting since while I do enjoy watching the occasional game, I am not a huge sports fan. But I think it is also because I am trying to keep this from being an emo bitch fest like a lot of blogs are. I am trying to learn to comment on the world around me and leave a lot my personal shit/venting out of it.

However, I did make one decison that involves the future and it is a big one. I am going to go to London over the summer. After Rubi is done with her study abroad program and right before Phoebe's starts up, we are going to meet in London and then go to France, Italy and possibly Amsterdam? It is all still very tenative plans, since neither of them have actually been accepted into the programs, but still it is hopeful.

Finally I'll get stamps in my passport! And after talking about it, wouldn't it be nice to just travel, live in a place for a couple of months, work an odd job here or there and then on to the next. It seems so scary, yet so crazy, adventurous and so not me. But it is the sort of person that I want to be. So who knows

*no, this isn't a sexual reference, gutter mind, it is my very articulatre comment about Rex Grossman's arm.

Friday, February 2, 2007

"do what you love and fuck the rest"

Well, it is hard to believe that it is already the end of the week. Or rather it is hard to believe that it is already Feburary. Where did January go? It seems like it was only yesterday I was starting classes and now we are at mid-terms. In a way I want it to go faster so that I am closer to my two weeks of spring break (go me), but at the same time that means I am that much closer to graduating and not knowing what I do with my life. I know the easy answers and weighing those with the difficult choices. There is part of me that just wants to pack up my stuff put it in storage somewhere and just leave. Go abroad or just to the east coast, find a job, any job and just do that. Just survive. Take the scary road of uncertainity and just do it because I have never done it before. Pack up the aquamarine machine, pray it makes it across state boarders and just live. Not have the worry of school any more or the fact that I am still just as lost as I was before. To be carefree, worry free, just free in general.

Its a liittle late to being getting into this deep stuff so late at night. So on a lighter note, I itunes searched my name. I never realized there were so many songs with my name in them

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

Well, I am officailly 22. I have been 22 for two days now. It doesn't really feel any different, but yet everytime I remember that I am 22 I get a little freaked out by it. It is just that when I was in middle school and high school 22 seemed like this far off place that was in adult world and that who I was going to be then is no one that I am now. Which I am not sad about at all, in fact I think I like this 22 year old more that I would like what my 12 year old self thought a 22 year old should be. But it does make me a little bit closer to having to make the tough decisions about my life and future. I am not even thinking about the long term, just the next few years, which I think is the scariest part. Especially since there aren't many people I can turn to for advice on what to do next because most people I know are sure of what they want to do. And my parents sort of help in just being supportive, but really they didn't have to go through what I am. I guess what I am hoping for is just some great advice, that one pearl of wisdom that will stick and guide me towards that decision. So if you've got it, let me know.

But for now I leave you with the most mature thing a 22 year old girl could do on her birthday...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sports match-ups that are rocking my world

The first one being the obvious Bears vs. Colts in the Super Bowl in two weeks. But I must say that the Bears game just became sad in the fourth quarter. I mean obivously I am estatic that the Bears won, but 3 touchdowns in one quarter, when the score had been so close before, is just pathetic. It makes you wonder what happened to the Saints' defense.

(please note the similar fists of victory)

Though the second sports match up that I am exicted about is Andy Roddick vs. Mardy Fish in the Australian Open. Though as it has been proven in the past Roddick has beat his boy Fish a many a time, it is still quite impressive that Fish has made it this far since he isn't even seeded. I am also impressed with how well my boy is doing, its has been such a good thing for him to have Jimmy Connors as a coach.

Other than that my life itself has also been filled with sports, from bowling to basketball games. Though really there hasn't been any other sport in between. But I will leave you with pictures of our bowling score board. Please take note that my score gets progressively worse as the night goes on. Some might say it was my lack of stamina, though I have other theories.

*my apologies for the badly shrunken pictures, but I wanted to get them all on the same line

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh, I'm ready for it, come on bring it

well, it has finally happened, I have seen the greatest movie of all time. That's right, I am talking about the ever humorous, ever scientifically inaccurate film of "Snakes on a Plane." I knew that the movie was going to be "bad," a bit campy and try and take itself too serious. But what I didn't expect was that it would just blow those expectations out of the water. It was all of that and so much more. I do not think I have laughed that hard at movie in quite a long time. It is definitely going to be a cult classic and not in the way Mel Brooks comedies are or even how Rocky Horrow is, but it has it own new level of cult-ness.

I already have the drinking game figured out. Everytime someone says "snakes" you drink. You could even spread it out to the phrase "snakes on a plane" and still find yourself pretty trashed by the end of the movie.

So do it, go out and rent. I am telling you that you won't be disappointed. And if you are well...then you must not have a good sense of humor

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let's take a walk down the road to Oscars 2007

So, while I was not able to watch the awards due to the fact that I had to do newspaper stuff. Here are some highlights that made my night (or technically morning, since I appear to be an insomniac right now):

America Ferrera, who is pretty much the coolest actress around, won for "Ugly Betty" (the show also won for best comedy). This is definitely a show that deserves to be around for a while.

Helen Mirren, won two, which is also great because she is just so amazing. I saw her in "The Queen" (she won one of her awards for it) and she did a fantastic job. It was an incredible movie
But the great news of the night:

"Grey's Anatomy" won for best drama. Oh man, I cannot wait until this week's episode. I really want Alex and Addison to get together. They are really cute right now. Though Ellen Pompeo looks very sickly in this picture.
For a complete list of award winners:

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Da Bears!

I thought that I would start off my first post with something good:

The Bears won!!!

It was such an intense game, made more intense by the fact that we had to listen to it on the radio and only imagine how the plays looked. But still just as fun. It would be so awesome if the Bears made it to the Super Bowl, though we have to beat the Saints and I think that they are doing really good this season, but hope for the best.

And despite living in Seattle, I couldn't cheer for the Hawks today, it would just be the epitome of fair-weather fan-ship and I can't have that. You have to cheer for the team that helped you ring in your very first birthday right?

Go Bears!