Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let's take a walk down the road to Oscars 2007

So, while I was not able to watch the awards due to the fact that I had to do newspaper stuff. Here are some highlights that made my night (or technically morning, since I appear to be an insomniac right now):

America Ferrera, who is pretty much the coolest actress around, won for "Ugly Betty" (the show also won for best comedy). This is definitely a show that deserves to be around for a while.

Helen Mirren, won two, which is also great because she is just so amazing. I saw her in "The Queen" (she won one of her awards for it) and she did a fantastic job. It was an incredible movie
But the great news of the night:

"Grey's Anatomy" won for best drama. Oh man, I cannot wait until this week's episode. I really want Alex and Addison to get together. They are really cute right now. Though Ellen Pompeo looks very sickly in this picture.
For a complete list of award winners: http://www.imdb.com/features/rto/2007/globes


robyn grace said...

you forgot the part where HOUSE WON. ah i love him.

megs_elyse said...

true, true. I thought about that, but I felt that since I'm a semi/quarter fan that it wouldn't be too appropriate for me to get too happy about it