Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sports match-ups that are rocking my world

The first one being the obvious Bears vs. Colts in the Super Bowl in two weeks. But I must say that the Bears game just became sad in the fourth quarter. I mean obivously I am estatic that the Bears won, but 3 touchdowns in one quarter, when the score had been so close before, is just pathetic. It makes you wonder what happened to the Saints' defense.

(please note the similar fists of victory)

Though the second sports match up that I am exicted about is Andy Roddick vs. Mardy Fish in the Australian Open. Though as it has been proven in the past Roddick has beat his boy Fish a many a time, it is still quite impressive that Fish has made it this far since he isn't even seeded. I am also impressed with how well my boy is doing, its has been such a good thing for him to have Jimmy Connors as a coach.

Other than that my life itself has also been filled with sports, from bowling to basketball games. Though really there hasn't been any other sport in between. But I will leave you with pictures of our bowling score board. Please take note that my score gets progressively worse as the night goes on. Some might say it was my lack of stamina, though I have other theories.

*my apologies for the badly shrunken pictures, but I wanted to get them all on the same line

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