Monday, February 23, 2009

I won!

So another award season has come and gone. I feel I had a very successful Oscar party this year. Brought together both new and old friends, ate lots and lots of yummy food and tried not to sound too crazy obsessive (I don't think I was that successful).

And you guessed it, I won the pool again this year (last year, what a fluke). I would just like to thank the Academy for voting for Sean Penn and for my gut instinct telling me to vote for him. Otherwise I would have lost and it would have been a tie between Allison and Rubi.

Best moment of the night:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I want to win

1) I don't think I have related more to a fictional, literary character more than I have Jessica Darling (well, minus having a Marcus Flutie)

2) The very last one of the series is coming out on April 14th, but you can totally pre-order it

3) Check out the talented Georgette's stop motion video about what JD has meant to her. The best one I saw, plus awesome song choice

4) Yes, I totally pimped out my blog after reading about the contest on Megan McCafferty's (retro)blog because that is how much I want a free copy of the book

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm lovin' it

The fact that I have figured out how to get my hair to look crazy, sexy like SJP in the first few seasons of SATC

The man who drew my blood this morning who in the first time in my life did it correctly and was not poking and prodding me for hours

Planning surprise birthday parties - I get to bake and have be in charge, what isn't there to love

The broski coming in T minus 2.5 days

Jen Lancaster, despite her being a staunch Republican

The sun shining out my window right now

I Love You More Than Blank

Friday, February 6, 2009


I keep a gratitude journal that I try to write in everyday - especially during times when I get angry at someone/a situation. It is a calming technique that always helps me put things in perspective. But I have not been that great at keeping up with it as of late, so I decided to write it out here in the open as a public reminder of all the good things I have going in my life.

1) I have a job and in times like this where I know two women who have been laid off at jobs they have been at for a number of years. So even when times are slow I need to remember that at least I am still employed.

2) My brother (and Ben) are coming in just about a week and I swear I just get so excited just thinking about it. It will have been about 10 months since I last saw him and I didn't realize how long that would feel.

3) Becoming better friends with people at work. It makes the work day, just a tad more enjoyable.

4) My jazzercise class, for not only kicking my butt back into shape, but for kick starting my mental state. I swear sometimes I don't know where I would be if this wasn't part of my "get Megan better" plan.

5) Having two weekends in a row where I got to hang out with Maegan. There are very few people in the world that get all parts of me and she is one of them.

6) The fact that I feel much more complete after talking with my mom on the phone, even if I wasn't feeling particularly un-whole, it always just fills a void that is there.

7)My Ashley is returning to the states soon and we will FINALLY be in the same timezone. But I am also grateful for her leaving, for the mere fact that it was a catalyst to fix things with myself and helped me learn that I will be ok even when I am miles away from best friends.

8) Mondays from 8:30-9pm and Thursdays nights from 8-9pm when there is roommate TV time. It always feels a bit off on the times that it doesn't happen, the shows are definitely not as enjoyable when they aren't around

9)The re-institution of junk food Fridays a work - sugar always makes things more bearable

10) Feeling more self confident - while this is something that has made my gratitude list a lot, it has been missing for a long time - so it deserves to be on here a lot