Thursday, November 29, 2007

BK Baby

It seems that sometimes my luck turns around. True, while nothing terrible has been happening lately, nothing grand has happened either. Things have just been good. But that all changed on Tuesday evening, when I checked my e-mail and saw, that my obsessive checking of said e-mail had paid off and I had gotten into to see Ben Kweller. This was a show that is put on by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in which Warren ? goes all over the country interviewing what they deem some of the great artists of the time making music.

It was at Neumo's, a venue I have not been at in ages, which is also a pretty small venue at that. But since there was going to be an interview, along with a performance, there had been seats set out. After having to throw elbows in the past for seats at other shows, my friend and I decided to get to the venue early. Man, did it pay off, our seats were front row center. They were perfect.*

Plus, after we got in, and got our wristbands, we found that we also got 3 FREE beers. It was so cool. Soon we settled in with our free beverages (well I did, my friend is not a beer drinker) and got ready for the show.

In one word:amazing. I don't think I have crushed so hard on BK, then I did last night. Besides the fact that we had some eye contact, but just hearing/watching him talk about his music and the process of it all was just awesome. And the performance, was one of the best that I have seen him do. It is right under the first time I saw him with Death Cab for Cutie. He was energetic and passionate. It was everything that a BK show was supposed to be and more. It was one of those times where it was so great that I can't put it into words besides glowing adjectives.

The show also was emotionally driven for myself because BK holds so many memories for me with many different people and the interesting part of it all was that they are people who aren't a part of my life anymore. Well, maybe one person is about 10% a part of my life... but that is besides the point. The other strange thing about the people I associate BK with is that they are all people who have hurt me in one way or another. Maybe I should take that as a sign, if I think of a person and BK, they are doomed to be out of my life? So to hear him play certain songs brought back memories, a lot sad, but not in a dramatic way anymore. But a more looking back fondly/sad sort of way.

This all appears to be going down a path I try not to have this blog go. So I'll just say that it was a great night and I am glad that my luck changed and I got to have such a great night (especially in the middle of the week).

Oh and the great news of the night: BK is releasing a new album next year

*This is a note to the douche bag who sat behind us: SHUT UP! No one forced you to go, it was for free and I know tons of other people who have killed to have been in your seat. If you were so bored then just leave. Go take your tool of self and leave so the rest of us can enjoy the show and not have to here your annoying voice.

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