Monday, November 19, 2007

The night starts here...

Boy did it ever. Friday night was wonderful, starting with a wonderful gathering at friend's boss's house full of good food and good people. It ended with what I needed: a good concert. A concert that leaves you literally singing the songs when you fall asleep later that night. A concert that gives you goosebumps when the band plays your favorite song and you, and everyone else there, sings along.

The Stars* concert at The Showbox (original ...screw this SoDo crap), was in a word: amazing. After gaining seats at the bar, that allowed myself and my friend to see over everybody's heads, I really began to enjoy the show. They played all of my favorite songs (though I wished they had played "The Big Fight") and I was pretty much brought to tears with "Your Ex-Lover is Dead."
The mixture of the vocals and the instruments was a perfect match. It was one of the shows, that while they didn't change how they performed the song from compared to the albums too much, there was still a different sound. It was just sharper, louder and more emotion packed.

So after a great night like that, Saturday afternoon soon came and it was time for the UW v. Cal game. Thanks again to the same friend's boss, we had great seats in a covered section at about the 20 yard line. Though my Bears did loose, it was still fun to sit and cheer and yell. It makes me still a little sad that I went to a school that did not have a football team.

The rest of weekend was pretty calm and relaxing, which was just what I'll need to prep for the the upcoming week: T-Day and then shopping the next day ... man oh man, wish me luck.

*If you are interested in the group, some songs I recommend you check out:
Your Ex-Lover is Dead
The Big Fight
This Charming Man
Elevator Love Letter
The First Five Times
What I'm Trying to Say
Romantic Comedy
Take Me to the Riot

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