Monday, November 12, 2007

The many shades of Megan

So, I did it, I caved and bought box-hair dye. I had already taken the plunge and gotten my hair cut by someone different than Diane. After going to the same person for about 12 years, it can be a nerve-racking experience. But I was fine, I went to the wonderful people at Zero Zero and Henry gave me a super cute and chic hair cut that I absolutely love. It even made my roots blend in better with the rest of my hair, it was great (Image 1). But as time progressed, it became evident that I would have to use the box of dye I bought. I was going for a light red, a shade I hadn't had in a while, however it turned drastically a different color (Image 2). I feel I looked like a mixture of a video game character, trailer trash and too-cool-for-school hipster kid. Needless to say, not the look I was going for. Though, not one to freak out, I simply went and bought a dark brown and after spending the day has Sydney from Alias, I became the new Megan (Image 3).

I like the color of my hair, it hasn't been this shade in awhile, and it seems fitting to have it a darker color now that (unfortunately) it is winter. But to all you critics of those of us who paid a professional to color our hair: YOU WERE WRONG. The extra money I would have spend on having Henry color my hair, would have been worth it. Though it was nice to feel like Angela Chase and I could have been friends ... you know if she wasn't a fictional character on a tv show that is over 10 years old.

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Sue said...

I think your hair is adorable! Of course, I am probably prejudiced! Even the red wasn't so bad. But the brown does look lush! Henry did a great cut.