Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oh Nostalgia

I came across someone posting an old New Kids on the Block video and it not only reminded me of my once love for the band. It took me back to the days when I rocked not one, but two NKTB watches. I had shirts, a towel, lunch box and most importantly two dolls (Jonathan Knight and Donnie Wahlberg). My parents should have known that this would just send me down a path of collecting things (which I must say is getting quite less now that I am getting older).

But the blog posting also reminded me of a Conan O'Brien sketch from years ago. It was something that we watched in Journalism and English numerous times my sophomore year of high school. And after a good, lengthy search on the internet, I finally found it (you have to scroll down and click "dudez-a-plenti's greatest hit...).

One of my favorite Conan sketches ever, next to "hasta la vista reef" and the greatest summer of the show.

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