Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"no one wants a one-eyed prostitute"

Three-day weekends are always more exciting when you have something like a job or school that you don't ave to go to on Monday. And man, was this past weekend eventful. I'll try to be brief in my recaps.


The day started off early (really early considering we stayed up late catching up with an old friend) helping a friend move. It went much quicker than wen we moved since they rented a moving truck and didn't have to keep moving lots of furniture. It gave us also enough time to shower and get down to see The Shins at Bumbershoot. They were good as the last time I saw them. And man, was the crowd who came to see them was HUGE. We definitely did not think that they would draw that big of a crowd. The rest of the day was spent wandering from stage to stage and eating our way through the shows. I got my yearly fill of elephant ears, slushy drinks, and blocks of curly fries.

The evening brought local hip-hop group Common Market, who always know how to put on a good show, whether it is a big crowd like at Bumbershoot or a small one at my alma mater. But the best was yet to come when we saw Gym Class Heroes. They were AWESOME. Travis is an incredible MC. He made each of the songs sound better than the album and not too different that you hated it. Plus he just makes me swoon.


This was a low-key day, until the evening when I trekked downtown to see "Superbad," which was so hilarious. You know it was funny when my companion (who I have known for 4 years) was shocked to find out that I had a loud laugh. But, it was just great. It is one of those movies you could watch over and over again and still laugh just as hard and just as loud as the first time.

But the best part of Sunday was when I was waiting at the movies I saw Mary Kay Letourneau and her husband and first kid! Yep, that's right, the same Mary Kay Letourneau who slept with her sixth grade student. Isn't that great? I almost died of excitement. (side note: I know I am going to hell for gawking...but really who fucking cares? It was MKL).


This was another Bumbershoot filled day. Two great back-to-back shows with Joss Stone and John Legend. Both of whom were as good as you would expect. Though John was much more exciting and moving around than I thought he would be. The only downside was that Joss' mic was too low so you had to strain to hear her talk. But then again, the times that I did hear her, she was rambling on and on about finding love, etc. That all would have been more believable if she wasn't just 20 years old. Gimme a break kid, what do you know about love?

Again the middle of the day was spent killing time, eating and people watching. It was then time to go watch The Frames. Seeing them live made me want to own all their music even more. Plus they sang my favorite song from "Once." They were able also to get the whole crowd to sing along at one point, a feat that many of the bands I saw were not able to pull off.

This of course was all leading up to the grand finale of a reunited Wu-Tang Clan. Now I will admit that I am not up on a lot of Wu-Tang music, but the fact that they have not performed together in how many years and I got to go to one of the handful of shows that they were putting on, that's pretty awesome. They also did a pretty cool tribute to ODB as well.

Everyone holding their lighters or cellphones in memory of ODB. It looked much more awesome in real life

Other news not related to me:

Roddick vs. Federer= hopefully not a loss for Roddick...but really you can only be too optimistic. Next Andy, we'll get them next year.

Congratulations to my favorite author who just gave birth to her first daughter.

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robyn grace said...

I think more amazing than the fact that you saw MKL was the fact that you could identify her as BEING MKL. If I had seen her I would have been like, "Ah, a woman and her substantially younger husband." Actually, is she still with the youngin or is this a different one? In any case, well done.