Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This is why I pay people to do things

So we have finally officially moved into to our new house (I'll post pictures soon). It is wonderful to be sleeping on my "new" bed, despite that I don't have any sheets yet. Though it is just as short as my old one, I don't know how my 6ft+ tall friend ever slept comfortably on it.

After doing an assessment on the amount of clothes that I own (though it is much less than before, go me for donating lots) and the amount of closet space I have, I came to the conclusion that I needed a shelf/drawer type action for my clothing. Insert one trip to Target and a cabinet/shelf sale later and you get solution to my problem right? Wrong.

This was a shelf that is supposed to have doors that close in the front, however after nailing the back into the shelf I realized that yes, indeed I had nailed it to the wrong side of the shelf. It still serves its purpose of housing my clothes, there are just not any doors. And I had been doing so well too. I had been able to distinguish which pieces were doors/shelves/support, etc. I had even found use for my drill, that never gets to see the light of day because of my lack of building things. Though I guess case in point is why I never build things. I was going to be so super cool for having to put together a shelf, but alas I am just super lame for not being able to figure out what goes where. But in my defense there were only vague picture directions and my roommate who bought the same shelf had made a similar mistake (though she was able to fix it, so she gets doors).

And in same vain, moving helped rediscover my love for packing. For finding the right size objects to going in the right size box or bag. To make everything fit so perfectly in the car/truck that it maximizes space and saves on trips driving back and forth. I really should have whored my packing self out during college. I could have made bank helping all those who hated packing, didn't have time, were worried about finals. It would have been perfect. Too bad I was having to do two out of the three myself. Maybe at the end of this year....

And on a completely different side note I have been reading this blog for work lately and I really like it. It is so hilarious, though it doesn't pertain to my life at all (thank god)

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