Friday, August 24, 2007

All the news that is fit to print, and then some

Being at work has given me some time to be able to read some interesting newspaper articles (see entry about eggplant). Yesterday brought me another gem of an article. Perhaps since I have such a sick sense of humor that I really get a kick out of the article, especially the part when it comes to limiting the amount of psychics o Or perhaps the history lover in me enjoys the fact that there could potentially be another "Salem witch trial" (I am well aware of my cool factor right now, don't worry).

But I also get to read fun articles about the last tsar of Russia. I think that it is really amazing that they were able to find the bodies. Well, obviously we'll have to wait and see if those are the actual ones. But I keep the faith, I am think that it very well could be. Plus wasn't the whole hemophilia thing the reason the wife was so close to Rasputin?

And that is why he and his little bat friend went off in the search for Anastasia? But she was just a lost girl, who was falling in love with the cutest cartoon love interest that there has ever been. Who wouldn't fall in love with someone who was voiced by John Cusack?

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