Monday, February 19, 2007

"no guys, we want more per pounds, we want to pack it on"

What to write about, what to write about? So much has happened in the last few days it seems impossible to comment on it all in a coherant entry. So we'll do the cliff notes version:
  • Britney shaved her head and got ridiculous tattoos. Not much more is needed to be said here, except for the fact that she is making K-Fed look not as trashy which was hard to to do since he was the epitome of trash.
  • "Ghost Rider" was number one at the box office. "Ghost Rider" come on now people, in what realm did that even look like movie? Yeah sure Eva Mendes is attractive, but should her hot factor account for $40+ million in ticket sales? I know that I like some pretty bad movies, but even I have to draw the line.
  • Speaking of movies, "Bridge to Terabethia" was number two at the box office and contrary to other rumors it is true to the book and Leslie does die at the end. As it does appear that the trailers are misleading and that it does follow the book pretty well. So I want to see it, but that probably won't happen until it comes on video, but I digress. On some of the message boards about the movies, people were complaining about that fact that Leslie does die at the end and that Disney movies are supposed to be happy and also that the death and religious aspects were too deep for children to handle. What? I get that kids are growing up faster than necessary sometimes, but death isn't something that they need to be sheltered from, especially when it is done so tastefully in this film and book. Its not like Disney movies are perfect anyway, they are sexist, stereotypical and violent (doesn't mean I still don't love them). I just think of it as a great way to teach children about death, that is still abstract enough that it is something they don't have to actually go through, but can use the film as catharsis.
  • THIS JUST IN: BANANA REPUBLIC NOW OFFERS CLOTHES IN DOUBLE ZEROES! Well thank goodness, because you don't know how big my zeroes were on me. Now, I know that there are some people are naturally skinner and everything, but really that skinny, so skinny you wear a size that is a double digit of a number that ulitimately means nothing. It just seems to be encouraging unhealthy body image and eating habits. There is nothing wrong with being skinny if that is how your body is built, just like there is nothing wrong with being an 8 or 14 as long as you are healthy about it.
  • Last one, but personal pet peeve, people who use the handicap button to open then door when they don't need to and then subsequently cause the door to be open for a good ten seconds letting in a whole shitload of cold air and seem oblivious to it.

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robyn grace said...

i'm sorry, i'm one of those people. well, only on the really heavy doors. seriously why make them so heavy? they make everyone feel handicapped.

um im incoherent right now. sorry.