Tuesday, February 13, 2007


So on my walk to school on a wall I would see this spray-painted stenciled picture of a heart with wing-esque types things coming from it and it said "c'est la vie." It was always sort of inspiring in a way. Sometimes I would specifically look for it and others I would forget it was there, but would happen to look at that wall when I would walk by. I had always meant to take a picture of it as well, but the one day I had my camera with me and remember the picture, I didn't. I was running late and thought that it would be there for awhile. But I should have just taken its advice and taken a picture that day, because when I was looking for it today, it wasn't there. The day I needed it to remind me "such is life" it is not there. I was looking for it to provide the obivous sign that it had been all those times before.
But maybe it was providing a sign, maybe the fact that it had been painted over it is a message for me to not accept "such is life" and that I need to step out of my easily controlled comfort zone. That I need to let go a bit and go with the flow.
This means not being in control, not knowing what will happen next, not being the one who is in the driver's seat. While I don't mind others making choices, I am a backseat driver and so I at least make sure I have my say in where we are going and how we get there.

Well, this is just too many symbols and metaphors for this early in the morning, I give up

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robyn grace said...

ugghh i know what you mean. i walked by this sign that said "dead slow, no priorities" every freaking day last semester and i go to take a picture of it and it was GONE. sigh.