Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My New Favorite Thing

I never upload the latest version of itunes because as soon as I do, two weeks later another update comes along and I need to upgrade again. So I make a rule to only do it on either days, when I have nothing better to do and don't mind my comp or it becomes an absolute necessity (like I can't download a free episode because I need to stupid upgrade).

So over the weekend that is what I did, a process that started on Friday night ... maybe even Thursday night, ended on Sunday evening with the greatest thing ever: The Genius Sidebar.

Now, I know that there are naysayers out there (there always are) and talks of blatant advertisement, getting you to buy more songs, yada yada. But the reason I love it is that it creates mixes around whatever song that you pick from your library, and they are pretty good mixes at that.

Now, you all know my love for a good mix, which I believe started in middle school with my friend Irice and I who, recorded all the versions of "My Heart Will Go" by Celion Dion. And yes, there were multiple versions, each with different dialogue ("I'll never let go Jack")from Titanic playing over the instrumental breakdown in part of the song. And my love has grown over the years for creating a good mix cd (alas I no longer use tapes). If you have been fortunate enough, you have received a mix from me at some point in your life (or if you are the Riz, at about every significant holiday or event for the last 5 years or so).

And yes, I'll be the first to admit, not all of my mixes will stand the test of time, but some of them aren't meant to. Some are meant to be reminiscent, some are meant to dance to do and some are meant to introduce the listen to new music/artists (which in this instance it is okay to have the same artist more than once).

So while I'll never give up my love for making mixes for my friends and family, it is nice to know that when I need a quick work out mix or a mopey mix I can can use the Sidebar and BAM! insta-mix.

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Ashley Halseth said...

Fun! I'm so going to download that now.