Sunday, October 5, 2008


I read my horoscope daily ever since I could remember. It was always just something fun, nothing I ever took too serious. It was just interesting to see what would be in store for me for the day. As time went on I learned a little more about astrology and importance of when your birthday is and how it effected your personality. Again, never serious enough to actually believe in the fact that my horoscopes would ever come true. It might all stem from that fact that I can't put all my eggs in the fate basket and that I have control over everything in my life.

Though it is always interesting when horoscopes come true or when reading a birthday book describe my various relationships with people accurately. This all times in with fate and signs and things that are bigger than my control. I've blogged about this before about things whether they are coincidence or have some sort of higher meaning. So that is where I am today, figuring out if something is a coincidence or means something more. I was cleaning out my car (no more trash, still have the fruit cocktail can though) and I came across something I thought I had thrown away. Something I distinctly remember taking out of my wallet and putting in my trash. I have no idea how it ended up in the back seat of my car to begin with. It threw me off for a second, and made me think if it meant something more or was just a piece of trash in my car.

It could also just be one of those things, like the answers to the crossword puzzle, that once it is out in the world, it starts connecting to other things that you would think have no relation to each other. And you end up staring at a piece of paper in your backseat and wonder if it has anything to do with what is happening in the week ahead.

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Ashley Halseth said...

Well now I want to know what was on the piece of paper!