Thursday, October 9, 2008

We pressed against back doors and wood floors ...

So two nights ago, Ben Kweller became a record in my book. He is the musical artists that I have seen the most in concert - bringing it to a total of five times now. And man, he did not disappoint. There had been a point- at times 2 and 3 that I had been left wanting more-but with these past two times that I have seen him, he completely redeemed himself. Though, I never blame him for the reason the other shows had been a tad lacking; its hard to get psyched when there isn't a huge crowd (Sept 2006 with the crappy Sam Roberts Band) or when you are the opener (Feb. 2007 to Gomez who had a much older fan base than anticipated-plus that was just an awk. concert anyway).

But on Tuesday night, in packed Chop Suey, BK took the stage and totally rocked it. It was awesome; plain and simple. He played a half dozen new songs off his soon to be released album. Then he also had a fantastic mix of his other albums. But the two songs that made my night, where when he came back for his encore and played "Commerce, TX," which is by far my favorite song. And it is a song I haven't heard him sing live since when I saw him in March of 2004.

The other song he sang was "Wantin' Her Again." This is a little known song off of his first EP - that I am pretty sure no one else knew the words to, besides me - not even you girl in front of me to tried to pretend she knew which songs were which, and couldn't even get the album right. And if this song follows suit like "Don't Know Why" it might end up on this upcoming album. But as I was standing there - mouthing the words, being elitist, I was struck with the memory of my first BK experience and discussing with my friend Kristen (rest in peace). She was a much of a BK fan as I was and we were both so excited that he had sang "Problems" (off the same little known EP). We both had the same experience of being super excited he was playing the song and then suddenly realizing that we were the only people around who knew what was going on.

Oh, to be so superior to others ;)

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