Thursday, October 16, 2008

My junk is you

Last night, the roomie and I went to see "Spring Awakening." It was really good and both of us thoroughly enjoyed it. The music, was obviously better live than on the soundtrack - which would have been terrible. Though, I must say, the sex scene not has hot as everyone made it seem to be, it was just awkward (though two people have sex for the first time is awkward). This could also be because, sitting in the third mezzanine, the "hot" factor of the scene decreases significantly - oh well.

But can I just say one of my biggest pet peeves is people who wear jeans to the theatre (or even worse the guy in his jeans and UW sweatshirt, go to a football if you are going to wear that). I get it, I live in Seattle, capital of the fashion impaired. A place where people think wearing the nice, black Northface is dressing up. But still. You never wear jeans to the theatre, this isn't the movies, this isn't some sporting event, this is real, live, people performing for you.

For pete's sake people, traditionally people wore ball gowns and tuxedos to performances, the least you could do would be put on a nice pair of pants; I would even settle for khakis. True, there are very few exceptions to the jeans rule (ie last minute procurement of tickets) but other than that, take the time to look just a tad nicer. I would even be willing then to overlook the Danskos and the Northfaces, is you at least put on nicer pants or a skirt.

Oh, it is just another reason to leave this, rainy, dreary town.

*please excuse the fact that the words "ass" and "fuck" are edited ... the FCC are jerk faces

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