Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh, God, what a bitch ...

Everything seemed to line-up that I should write about the new 90210. I was just going to let it go, slip under my blog radar, since I knew that everyone else would be talking about it. But I couldn't, not after reading this cool article* a friend sent or reading Sarah Dessen's LJ today.

I had been getting pretty psyched for a while knowing that they were going to make a new 90210. I got increasingly excited when I knew that Rob Thomas (no, not that one... this one) was going to be writing it. Hello- we are all aware of my my LOVE for all things Veronica Mars (Logan ... sa-woon). Then to hear that first Donna (oh, Tori why did you have to pull out of the show?) and Kelly and then Brenda (!) were all going to come back. I was excited. Plus, Shanae Grimes (Degrassi:TNG alum) was also apart of the show, which was fun to see.

But last night, I was a bit disappointed. I knew that it wouldn't be the same as the OG version. But it didn't even seem that good. It seemed that it was trying too hard to be like all other "successful" teen dramas. It had the trashiness of Gossip Girl (which is basically Sex and the City for 13 year olds) and the "hip -indie music" and parental story line like the OC. It just seemed like they were using a formula, which we all know never works. I was also expecting a little more wit and dry humor, since that is Rob Thomas's M.O.

Instead there was none. It was just sort of blah. The only parts that I enjoyed were ones that tied into the old story. Seeing Brenda not being a bitch, Kelly and her teenage sister. The Peach Pit. Plus, okay- I know its is WBHS and all, but what high school would allow their students to perform "Spring Awakening"? At my H.S. parents were up in arms about saying the word "skank" when it was part of the title of a song in the dance show ("Rockafella Skank," to be exact).

Plus, now everyone and their brother is going to try and figure out what Spring Awakening even is and then they will invade the showing of it, here in November. I already have to deal with people who think it is okay to wear jeans to the theatre, I don't need teeny-bopper wannabes.

*I wish I had such basic standards for TV shows/movies. Rather I just live by the "that's stupid" rule

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