Friday, July 18, 2008

Holy Red Snapper Batman, they're throwing fish at us!

First off, I really wish that I could remember more witty lines from the OG Batman, but alas besides "Pow" and "Bam" that is the only one that I can ever recall. But that is besides the point. Last night I went and saw The Dark Knight and wow- it was amazing. Its that type of good that when trying to describe it, I can only think of positive adjectives and nothing too specific about way it was so amazing. There was wit and action and drama. And Heath Ledger's performance lived up to the hype. The awesome quote from Marc Fennell (as pointed out to me by the Riz) on Rotten Tomatoes describes it perfectly, "Oh, and if skin-crawling performances, complex storytelling, and profound ideas don't do it for you…did I mention that the film is completely badass?"

Also, seeing Christian Bale 6 stories high was not bad either. It just reminded me of the day that I first saw him, at the Foothill Cinemas Theatre on a rainy day in second grade. My mom and brother went to see Rock-a-Doodle (which later became a question in Beyond Balderdash that no one got really right) and my dad and I saw this. Enjoy!

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