Thursday, January 24, 2008


As I am sure every other girl my age with a blog has done the same thing, here is me expressing my sadness for Heath Ledger dying. And, I am really and truly upset about this. The 14-year-old girl that fell in celebrity love with him was crushed upon hearing the tragic news. I gasped, tears welled in my eyes and I had to stop reading the news after while, just so that I could continue on with my day. I don't want to speculate on why/how he died until the toxicology reports are conclusive.

But what gets me really upset is the asshole that Jack Nicholson is being. As many of you may or may not recall, but about a month or so ago Jack was up in arms about how he was never asked to play the Joker in The Dark Knight or that Heath also did not ask permission to take the role.
Give me a break, Jack Well, in the wake of Heath's death, what does Jack say, does he offer condolences to Michelle and Matilda? Any sort of sympathy for the family? Nope. He says "I warned him."

Bitter much? Nothing says class, like a good old fashioned "told you so" dance on some one's grave*

Jack, go back to smoking pot, wearing sunglasses and watching Laker's games, its all you're good at now.

*I do realize that I in fact have used my own "i told you so" dance, but in the occasion of fashion and other sorts of trivial matter. Plus, I already have an agreement with those I love of what potentially fatal acts they could do would warrant such a reaction.

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