Friday, February 15, 2008


So, there is a lot going on in the world that I want to pontificate about and instead of picking just one thing, I'll give you a list. Sort of like Sarah Dessen's Friday Five, but less Barry Manilow and more stupid people in the world.

1) It was brought to my attention by my cousin at William & Mary all the shady, unethical activity going down there with the President resigning. Obviously, I think that he should not have been forced out of his job and what I still can't get is how people do not understand the concept of separation between church and state and also the First Amendment. But I think what really riles me is that then of course, idiot-woman Michelle Malkin blogs about it. I don't know what it is about this woman, but I just can't stand her and I have no respect for her whatsoever.

2) I had a revelation last night (as I was tossing and turning for three hours not sleeping) I have reached a point where I find it very hard to be surprised or held in suspense when it comes to movies, tv shows or books. I have started watching Veronica Mars (thanks, Seattle Public Library) and while I am enjoying the show so far, I found myself not being surprised at all by the "twists" the show takes. Well, there have been a few instances where I couldn't specifically call it, I knew the general gist of what was going to happen. Maybe its because I chose the same genre of shows, books and movies, thus making the formula the same each time?

3) They changed bus drivers on me and I don't like it. So with the new updated schedule for some buses (thank goodness not mine) it changed some bus drivers and let me just say the ones that are driving the #14 when I take it are not as friendly as the others. Sure, the morning guy's driving was a little jerky at times, but he was so friendly and knew people who rode his bus, it didn't really matter. And the guy who drives evening one, was just as nice often times extending the ride-free zone at times when the bus was too packed to make it to the front to pay.
4) Speaking of religious objections. In Washington it was just passed that pharmacists are still allowed to refuse to give out Plan B if they have moral or religious objections. Really? Really now? Who are you to impose your religious beliefs onto another person. Do the job you got hired for.
5) on alighter note. I spent part of my night yesterday watching my roommate become 10 years younger .... okay this

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