Monday, November 24, 2008

Best Concert Ever

Words cannot describe how amazing the New Kids on the Block concert was Saturday night. I could not stop smiling for a good hour after the show was over. I have never been that excited and happy and lusty at concert. It was everything I could have ever expected and more. The best thing of the night is the upgrade tickets that we got -we were 24 rows away from the stage (!!!). So since a picture is worth 1,000 words - here are a few to show off the greatness that is The Block.

I have new love for Donnie

Oh Jordan, sa-woon

My first crushes

Love the ascot, Joey Mac

Strictly gratuitous movie of Jordan with no shirt

I'll be his Cover Girl any day

Jordan Knight can give it to me anytime he wants

Joey Mac, I do hope you stay the same*

Step by Step oooo baby

I think about them, not just in the summertime (oh god - these titles for videos just seem to be getting worse)

They had the right stuff, that's for damn sure

*there is only about a min. of these songs because I wanted to actually enjoy the songs - but also save some for posterity. Though "Stay the Same" is full length, because, well I don't care for that song, say as much as "I Love You Came too Late," Joey Mac. Also, I apologize for the shaky camera work.

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Felicity is My Saint Name... said...

No words can really describe how these videos make me feel. NKOTB Para Siempre!!!