Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An epic entry for an epic weekend

I love three day weekends for the sole reason that it means I don't work on a day that I normally would. Here's a recap of a great Memorial Day weekend:
The night got started off nice with margaritas and game night, in which Team SoCal won, not once but twice at Cranium WOW (my new fav. edition). Though too many margaritas later led to passing out on the floor and having weird dreams and I am pretty I did some minor sleep walk/talk.

Too hungover to go to water aerobics. Though did walk around in the wonderful sun for about 1.5 hours, so I got my work out in for the day and felt less gross about the amount of drinking I had. I did have to do a semi-walk of shame -alcohol in hand-something which proud to say have not had to too much in my life. Saturday also involved seeing a friend I hadn't seen in a while, eating really good food and helping the Ash clean out her closet and the crazy discoveries that ensued.

This was THE day of the weekend. Rubi, Ash and I headed over to the Gorge for Sasquatch, bright and early. We got there in plenty of time and just in time as the down pour started. But I wasn't a Girl Scout for nothing and pulled a McGuyver and fancied a poncho out of the recycling bags. Okay, so maybe it wasn't developing a roll of film in orange juice and milk, but whatever.

After settling down with food and drinks we watched as Blue Scholars took the main stage. They always put on a great show no matter the size of the crowd. I have seen them at the smallest of venues and the biggest and each time they never disappoint.

Next up was Tegan and Sara, who were so awesome. This was the first time that I had seen them live and they were just amazing. Their stage banter was fun and witty, plus they have great Canadian accents, what more could you want? They also played a good mix of new and old song, and while they didn't play some of my all-time favorites, I won't hold it against them

The Cold War Kids followed and despite opening with a really slow song the rest of the set was up beat and fun. They played did play my favorite song of their's "We Used to Vacation Here," and was a good set over all.

We got to the Wookie Stage with plenty of time before Mates of State came on stage. Man, they are so much fun. I really dig their music and it was good to here stuff off their new album. Plus their closed with my new favorite song, which again, a plus.

The one bummer of the day was that we didn't get to see The Kooks because they were being such divas about their sound check. They were setting up for over 45mins. So we had to say "peace" and head back to the main stage to see, my main reason for going, Death Cab for Cutie.

The first time I saw Death Cab, it was in a small venue, but seeing them at The Gorge was awesome. Despite Ben Gibbard's need for a hair cut and overly dramatic instrumental parts the show was amazing. How did they know to play my two favorite songs Crooked Teeth and The Sound of Settling back-to-back? It must have been kismet.

We stayed for one song of The Cure.... but man are they soooo dramatic and dreary. So we booked back to the 'Burg.

I think that one of the best part of weekends was just hanging out with the girls, something that hasn't happened a lot lately and so just being present and enjoying the moment was great.

This day involved mostly eating, sleeping and dreading the prospect of work. Though I did finally watch the finales of Grey's and Ugly Betty. Tres exciting, hopefully things get back to the way they were on Grey's and that Betty when to Rome with Gio .... because it would be so ridiculous and un-Betty-like for her to marry Henry

Overall People Watching Observations:

  • I have never seen so many iphones in my life, especially on people who dress and act as though they are too cool for expensive gadgets

  • Why oh why would you walk around barefoot at The Gorge, do you really think that it is sanitary?
  • When did it become so cool to smoke cigarettes? I swear everyone and the mother was a chain smoker

  • The average age of the people there had to be like 15. Seriously? Who let's their 15 year old go to an all-day/weekend festival by themselves?

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