Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The zah-zah-zuu feeling

Reading an article in Entertainment Weekly about the new Sex and the City movie got me thinking about the quote or rather noise that Carrie makes when talking about how she feels for Berger. And while, I think that what Carrie calls it is lame, it still makes me realize how much I miss that feeling.

I miss that weak in the knees, butterflies, stomach drops to the floor feeling. It is the feeling of excitement that you can feel even after the moment has passed and you are just reliving that moment. The times when you get goosebumps at the slightest touch or just being inches away from that person. And it is totally different from just feeling nervous around someone you might be interested in, its like in its own category of emotions that just makes you smile just thinking about it.

Though I have only had that feeling with two different people in my life (though countless times with tv show and book characters) and it always led to bits of drama and also distracted me too much from more important things; I still really like it.

But that is not to say that I want that feeling back now (though obviously never opposed to it) because are going the way I want them too now. I am starting to feel better about who I am as a person and things I can do change what I am unhappy with to become happier. My friendships are doing good, plus with one of the besties leaving for China, I want to spend as much time with her. And things are at point where it is all going pretty well, and why rock the boat?

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