Friday, May 23, 2008

We're soaring, we're flying

So this obviously wasn't the video from the production of High School Musical that I saw last night, but it was the closest that I could find that could accurately depict what the experience was like.

Yes, I sure lucked out last night when I got to see the live production of High School Musical for free. It was really good, it was one of those times when you find yourself smiling at all your favorite parts and using all your might not to jump up and sing along. And it didn't matter that I am not a tween, nor have been for quite some time now because there were people of all ages there.

The stage production is different from the movie, which at a few times bothered me, but for the most part I embraced the differences. There were quips and modernized lines that got added in that are the great part about seeing a musical. Plus I loved that they made the role of Ms. Darbis bigger and the tension between her and Coach Bolton was good. There were some new songs, which were okay, but like the little girl sitting behind me said "I don't know this one, I can't sing along."

However, this leads into my one complaint about the show, which was this bitchy usher who made the above mentioned little girl cry. During the first act, the little girl (who is at most 5) was singing along to the songs, and it wasn't loud, obnoxious singing, just quiet enough that you could tell she was doing it, but not disruptive at all. Apparently it was bothering the usher who came by at intermission and said "I hear we have a little singer [looks at the little girl and then at her parents] and I have to ask her to stop because people paid to to hear a show and she is being disruptive."

The parents then have to tell the girl that she can't sing and she looks like she is on the verge of tears. So the family in front of her tells the usher that the singing is fine and it isn't bothering them. My friend and I chimed in as well asking who would complain about that and we didn't mind either that she was singing.

Then the bitch said "Well no one was complaining, we just can't have her singing people paid for the show to hear the people on stage sing." Well, we all rallied around this little girl and told her to move towards the the middle of the row and that she could sing if she wanted to because it didn't bother us. So that's what her parents did and she continued to sing through the second act (well minus the song that was new).

But seriously, who gets their jollies out of making little girls cry when no one is complaining about her singing in the first place.

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