Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let the teaching begin

So a friend and I decided that we were going to teach other the merits of the movie genres that we are the most knowledgeable in. He is informing me of the greatest of Chinese cinema (starting off with John Woo) and I of course, am teaching him the ways of the great romantic comedies (with focus on the early mid-nineties).

We decided to start it off pretty basic, he brought Face/Off to the table and I decided to show Clueless. Since the only John Woo film, I ever saw was Paycheck, my standards for his movies were set pretty low. And after all is said and done I really liked Face/Off. I liked the bad-assness of the two guns, and that with the exception of one of the extras, none of the females were passive. So that was a major plus for it. Then, of course, I started to over think that whole line about how their face transplants would just be temporary- so wouldn't there be complications eventually down the road, if they had to stay with the same faces? I suppose then it is a good thing the whole thing only took place in a week.

Overall, I would say, that is was a 4 out of 5.

Now, I don't think that I really need to share my love for Clueless, since I am sure by now it is apparent. So instead to show my love for the film, I will point out three scenes/lines that made the trailer but not the actual film.
1) In the beginning Cher says "they were sitting on mismatched chairs ..."
2) When Cher, Ty and Dione are at the restaurant Cher says "I'm not a prude or anything..."
3) The scene in the bathroom with Cher, Amber and Dione and Cher turns to Amber and says "Is big hair in?"

Its all true- watch the trailer and then the movie and compare. You will see that I am right

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