Wednesday, June 4, 2008

You'll laugh again when something is really funny

This past weekend was a good weekend, one of those weekend you think back on a year later and still think that it was one of the best, despite the fact that many other ones have passed since then. It was also one of those weekends that also, you'll never know how good it was unless you were there to be a part of it. So since I won't be able to accurately describe it, I'll describe the more tangible aspects of it.

I got to see two fabulous movies (oh and I supposed a terrible one as well). First off, I got to see American Teen for free thanks to the hard work of the roomie. This was an amzing documentary about teens in a high school in Indiana. There were times when my heart just swelled and broke with the teens. I recommend that everyone go and see it when it gets released in August.

I also went to see Sex and the City with the girls and it was a glorious 2 hours and 26 mins. I laughed and I cried and fell back in love with my favorite girls all over again. Though not to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, I wish that Jennifer Hudson had a bigger role, because she was just wonderful.

Happy 23rd Birthday Leslie:

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