Wednesday, June 25, 2008

City girl meets the great outdoors

So, this past weekend I (along with my nearest and dearest) went camping at Lake Easton. One fact that we quickly learned was that Lake Easton is not the HUGE lake that we always pass when visiting the 'burg. However, it is still a nice and beautiful area. Camping was lots of fun, though I don't think I could do more than one night of it. Let's face it anymore and I really would have become Negative Nancy.

I was just spoiled growing up and camping in warm areas with the beach, a pool, hot non-pay shows, air mattresses, tire swing that didn't make you throw up after being on it, air mattresses (yep, it goes twice, my back hurt that much after one night of ground sleeping) and parents who provided all meals and such for you.

Oh well though not everyone has to love the outdoors and I did only end up with one bug bite, a success in my book.

This picture epitomizes what Ash and I did the whole trip (though we totally took down her tent and were so awesome and got it back into the tiny little bag).

photo courtesy of jason

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