Monday, March 30, 2009

I am grateful for ...

Going to Gay Bingo with the girls from Jazzercise. It was lots of fun

Having a good Sunday night with my girls filled with group dinner and then movie

Hanging out with Isa on Sunday. Nothing like a being with a 5 year old to make you laugh and smile.

For my fruit tart coming out successfully.

Having a job. I have a job and no matter how frustrating and difficult it may be at times, I have a job. I need to remind myself of this one a lot.

I have health insurance. No matter how money -sucking I think they are, in reality it is better than no insurance.

My friends who get pizza and drinks with me after having a particularly soul-sucking day at work.

My friends for putting up with me when I am being overly dramatic or when I am taking more than giving to the friendship.

That Riz got a job (!!!)

1 comment:

robyn grace said...

yayy jobbb!!111!!!!!11!

i'll email you tomorrow.