Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Friday "I'm on Sugar High" Five*

1. Got out of the house for the first time in a few weeks. Well, I mean besides going to work, running and McPherson's. It was for the Hey Marseilles CD release show. That band is always high energy and entertaining. Hanging out with super cool friends and eating super good hamburgers, it made for a good night. Helped start easing me out of my hermit like slump. Don't know if the funk is totally gone, but working on it. Can't help, still stressin' about money (more so then usual).

2. I have been on a movie kick for this past week. Mainly because I checked out a bazillion of them from the library and all the ones I had put on hold, came all at once. So far since Saturday I have watched:
Meet Bill - I liked this a lot. I liked that for once the male lead is an emotional eater. Plus who doesn't love Aaron Eckhart
Fifty Pills - not really worth it, Kristen Bell is hardly in it.
Enchanted - love. it.
Annie Hall - for the very first time
We Were the Mulvanys - A pretty good representation of the book. Halmark: 1 Lifetime:0
No Reservations - cute. Gotta love a romantic comedy with food and Aaron Eckhart

3. Still to watch:
Cashback (well, finish it), Smart People, In the Mood for Love, Nobody Knows, CQ, Le Divorce, Mysterious Skin (maybe - not sure if I am in mood of this one -still), Once (for the millionth time,, Dirty Pretty Things, Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason (best fight scene), D.E.B.S. and December Boys

Geez ... that's a lot (and not even counting the many I could be watching on Instant Watch)- maybe its a good thing I am still in hermit mood ;)

4. So I recently got into the show "Friday Night Lights." My ability to get sucked into great TV shows that are cut before their time (I know, that this isn't technically cut yet, but how many Hail Mary passes do you get in a game?). Long story short, Tony Lucca (yes, that Tony Lucca, from the MMC) did a cover of the Daniel Johnston song "Devil Town." And ever since Indie 103 had been playing the OG version, I've had it stuck in my head. But I like Tony's cover of it better and so I was considering buying the single (a decision that I do not take lightly - plus the library doesn't have it). However, the only way to get the song is if you buy the whole soundtrack. I don't want the whole soundtrack, I just want that song. So now I am on a fruitless search to at least find a website that will stream the song, so I can listen to it on repeat for a bit and get it out of my head.

5. I baked ... again. Crazy, I know. So many baking attempts in a matter of days. This time I wanted to make Red Velvet cupcakes. I found a recipe, and made the batter ... FROM SCRATCH. And while they turned out tasting fine, they taste like cupcakes, they didn't, however, taste like Red Velvet. There is something about the consistency that I didn't quite master. Oh well, I can always try a new recipe and give it another go

Look at what a fantastic job Rubi and I did decorating them

*The concept of the Friday Five courtesy of the wonderful Sarah Dessen

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