Thursday, August 28, 2008


So, it is no secret that I like tv shows. I was practically raised on tv and I mean that in the least latch-key kid sense. But, in a way its true. I grew up on Nick at Nite, and Nickelodeon. I was that girl who was glued to the WB during its heyday. Must See TV, there I was. It's New to You, that was where I could be found in the summer (with my parents as well).

I fall for most TV shows that I watch. I can get sucked into basically anything. Well I take that back, there are shows that I can't watch. Dr. Quinn? No, thanks. Drangonball Z? I'll pass. There are also shows that I can watch while there are on, but not get sucked in. Two and half men? I watch when on. The Family Guy? Funny, but I can live without watching every episode (just realized these are shows that my roommate has continually sucked me into).

And it is a rarity that I give up on a show. I still watch "Grey's Anatomy" - granted its online and in marathon format, but still I can't give up on Meredith. Though, I did stop watching Desperate Housewives and, shocker, I am not feeling "Degrassi" anymore (I feel it has jumped the shark).

So, where is this long tangent going? Well I seem to now get sucked into shows that have already ended by the time I get to them or are on their way out. "Veronica Mars," a witty and intelligent show, I did not discover (well, I had heard about it, but I in this thing called college and had a thing called a job) it until it was all on DVD. I became very angry with the "ending." Not to give anything away, but it just end, I get no closure. And now I am into "Friday Night Lights." And what is it's fate? I have to wait until Jan. to watch it and it is only going to be around for 13 more episodes. Though, if I had Direct TV, it is showing on some channel in Oct.

I didn't think that I would get into FNL either, I just had it on hold at the library and I got sucked into it. I wanted them to go to State, I wanted Jason to become more independent. I love Matt's stutter/nervousness. Mrs. Coach? Yep, she is just fantastic. Who would have thought Kyle Chandler would have worked after Early Edition and those 2 guest spots on Grey's? But he is and is doing a phenomenal job as Coach.

But even with the 5 months in between then and now and the questionable story arch, I STILL MUST WATCH. I still have to know how it ends. It is like a disease. Now, here I find myself, yet again, falling into the obsessive cycle of new tv show love. I know, so soon after FNL, what can I say, I move on quick (yeah ... right)

Anyway, now my new love is "Bones." Thank goodness for Hulu so I can get caught up on Season 1. But what is the deal with no Season 2 online, anywhere? And Season 3 is not even out on DVD yet (yeah, I know it is already in season 4... where have we been?). But despite that I might not even remember to watch it all the time in live time and that I'll eventually have to watch it all on DVD. That is not stopping me from watching Season 1 at warped speed and trying to figure out the timing of my Netflix queue to start on Season 2. Plus, who doesn't love David Borenaz* and Emily Deschanel does a fabulous dead pan. Though I find it hard to believe that her character doesn't even at least least the attractiveness of Agent Booth, because, hello ... hottie alert. But we all know that this building sexual tension will lead to something. I just have to be patient

*I tried to find at least some sort of clip of when he gets turned into a puppet in Season 5 of Angel. Though I don't suppose that really shows off his acting ability, but sure is funny.

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