Monday, August 4, 2008

These times they are a changin'

Well, so said good-bye to the BFF this morning has she will soon embark on her journey to China. Though technically she will still be stateside for 2.5 weeks, she has left the PNW (for the most part). It is somewhat comforting to know that, if need to can still call and not have to worry about the 15 hour time difference (and whether or not she is on Skype).

But I have decided to use this time frame to make some changes in my life because of late I have been feeling continually out of sorts with most everything. And, while, yes that all could have been because two of my good friends were leaving and I feel like I am right back to junior year of college (and we all remember how that went). But I think this time will be good time for me to stop being a SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY.

I suppose then the biggest hurdle to over come is believing that I can stick with something longer than a month or two. That it is okay to put the extra time and effort into bettering myself for the long run.

The second thing I need to get over is making excuses, as I have become the Queen of Excuses when it comes to diet and exercise. But here's the thing, there will always be friends visiting, people close to me will die, there will bad days, there will be good days, it get cold outside and rain (a lot), I will sometimes (ok-probably a lot of the time) be tired after working long days and then there will be all the other days in between.

But somehow, despite all of those (and the many more I could think of) excuses, I just need to really believe that I Am Worth It. Maybe then I will stop selling myself short in many aspects of my life, stop being so hard on myself and start believing in myself.

Whoa ... pretty big goals there. Maybe I should just start with my small one of trying to become a runner. See how far that gets me

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