Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What Makes Me Smile:

So in an effort to change my perspective on my life, I decided to compile a list of what makes me happy. Things are in no particular order and are what are making me smile at the moment. This list could and probably will change as time goes on - perhaps I'll create an updated one every once and a while.

1) Good Friends (old and new)

2) The Seattle Public Library constantly providing me with tons of CDs and books
3) Netlfix and the 150+ movies/tv shows on my queue
4) The sun -whether it is 100 degrees or 30, as long as the sun is out- I am a happy gal
5) Making a good batch of mojitos
6) Laying out by the lake
8) Listening to happy music like The Submarines, Phantom Planet (w/ j. schwartzman ...okay and maybe this w/o him), Ben Kweller, etc
9) Going to shows
10) Watching a good movie
11) Discovering new televisions shows (well new to me, anyway)
12) Laughing

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