Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'll call it My Friends Bought Me Sushi So I Made A Pie

I made a pie. Can you believe it, me, baking? Well, baking something besides my great chocolate chip cookies. But anyway, I did, I made a pie. I made that pie (see the picture of the pie to the left of this sentence). And you know what else? It actually tasted pretty damn good. I didn't burn anything (well minus my arm on the stove) and it wasn't overcooked or undercooked. I successfully baked a pie.

Too bad I live with people who are apparently anti-pie and so besides myself and Omar were the only ones to taste my first pie making adventure. Oh well, their loss right? It is also unfortunate because since I can't eat a pie in one sitting - or even in 3-4 days, parts of it started to get moldy. I think it was caused by the moisture in the plastic bag that was protecting my pie from the fruit flies that have taken over our kitchen. So alas, I had to get rid of the last 2 pieces last night.

Oh, yeah, because you can't really tell from the picture, it was a peach blackberry pie. It was pretty simple recipe, just the fruit, some sugar and corn starch. Mix the ingredients and pour into already made pie crust. Presto, Change-o, pie!


Kelsey said...

This is impressive. Nice work!

robyn grace said...

dude who doesn't like pie. i love pie! i would have eaten all of it.