Friday, August 8, 2008

Money can buy happiness

Why is it when you are young people are always telling you that money can't buy you happiness? Because that is a bunch of bull. I suppose we don't want our children growing up so materialistic and jaded right off the bat. We want them to have as good as a childhood as possible and don't need them to have to worry about what they have compared to other kids. But let me tell you as you get older that mindset changes completely

After reading two different blogs today that dealt with money (million vs. ScarJo's body and what you would do if you woke up with a "plush" bank account) and let me tell you I would take that million over ScarJo's body hands down. The stress that builds every time a bill comes, a loan payment is due and rent comes around is not fun and to not have those worries would definitely make me happy. If I wanted ScarJo's body, I would then have the money to pay for it (and pay off all my loans). I would not have to stress about the costs of moving the Big Apple next year. I could finally live a little. While a million dollars would not last forever, if invested correctly, it could last me a long time.

I could do the things that I wanted to do and truly enjoy them and not have the constant nagging voice in the back of my head telling me "you can't afford this; you shouldn't be doing this."

Maybe we should be teaching our kids -that when they are younger, money does not mean as much - but as soon as you become an adult it seems to mean everything.

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